NuMusic 46: SpankRock, Popular Workshop, Tyler Ramsey, Hello Goodbye, The Hellsayers, & The Soft Eyes

Show Notes:
SpankRock – Rick Rubin
Popular Workshop – Channels
Tyler Ramsey – Lost Girls
Hello Goodbye - Touchdown Turnaround
The Hellsayers – Time is a Bird In Your Eyes
The Soft Eyes – Never The Last Time

5 Responses to “NuMusic 46: SpankRock, Popular Workshop, Tyler Ramsey, Hello Goodbye, The Hellsayers, & The Soft Eyes”

  • micah sherrill Says:

    mitch, i haven’t listened to the show yet, but i wanted to thank you in advance for featuring some asheville NC music. i will send a link to your show to tyler ramsey and the hellsayers. i know they will be honored. i hope all is well across the pond. keep putting out awesome podcasts i and i will keep on listening. let me know if you ever require the volunteer services of an artist!

  • micah Says:

    hey mitch, thanks for the feature from the music i sent. i definately enjoyed the humiliating parody of my voice. hope all is well across the pond. let me know if you would like the volunteer services of a painter/artist. i am sure you get lots of suggestions, but i can send more music sometime if you like. great show as always. and if you think of it, go take a look at my paintings sometime. (

    take care,

    micah sherrill

  • Kiwi Andy Says:

    Really enjoyed this one, there were a few moments where I had to stop myself from laughing out loud, it makes for an embarrassing time when you’re listening on the bus!

    Thanks to Micah (sp?) too, good stuff.

    Where’s the Rodeohead medley link?

  • Emily Says:

    great show…but hellogoodbye has some much better songs out there that you can get for free from itunes. You might give them another listen because I dont think this song does them justice. Also have you heard about the free songs from facebook? I know you’re not in college but if you have a work email address you can get a facebook and get 25 free songs from itunes just about every week. and its a lot of unknown bands who are tryiing to get their name out there. Just a suggestion. And if you’ve already heard of it and I’m just telling you information that you already know..then …I apologize. Take care!

  • Dave Says:

    I used to like your show but now that its known that Mitch has never seen Goonies, I might have to ban your production until he sits down and watches it. I’m not into commie podcasts.

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