NuMusic 47: The Roots, HeadFuzz, DJ Yoda, Snowband, & Neave

Show Notes:
The Roots – Don’t Feel Right
malvina – little boxes
HeadFuzz – lisa
DJ Yoda – mix
Snowband – Getaway
Neave – Razor Blades

3 Responses to “NuMusic 47: The Roots, HeadFuzz, DJ Yoda, Snowband, & Neave”

  • Kiwi Andy Says:

    Thanks guys, will definitely check out the new Roots album and DJ Yoda.

    We want Daisy Chain, we want Daisy Chain!

    I’m working on getting some more NZ stuff for you, will keep you posted…

  • BJ Says:

    Guys – loved the Headfuzz tune, grabbed it for the iPod immediately.

    Some of the vernac from your show is making it around Sheboygan, Wisconsin (where you’ve got a growing fan base of “several”.) The latest phrase for anything out of the ordinary – “Thats so Euro…” from a few shows ago.

    Keep them coming! It brings a few of us some awesome songs no one here has ever heard of.

    Sheb, WI

  • Dave Says:

    On MySpace versus WWW: I’ve never been a fan of MySpace (sorry Mitch) so the site is all I need. I guess if you took it took off the website it would still work, but you might be missing some listeners in my MySpace-reluctant demographic.

    great music as always.

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