NuMusic 52:Gabriel Teodros, Sound Team, Jawbone, Scuba, Bonnie Prince Billy, and The Soft Boys

Show Notes:
Gabriel Teodros – Beautiful
Sound Team – The Fastest Man Alive
Jawbone – Free
Scuba – Heavenly
Bonnie Prince Billy
The Soft Boys – Mr Kennedy

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  • travis Says:

    Great show as always. New shows always make the work day better. I was also wondering if you get some of the tracks you play off of This past show has two songs from that website, scuba and the soft boys. If you don’t use that site you should check it out. Its a great resource for new and unheard music. Keep up the great shows and don’t wear tight pants.
    Beware, The Moose Knuckle!

  • Dan Says:

    Woopsies… looks like the link to Jawbone for show # fity-too is for the wrong jawbone… and by wrong, i mean funny wrong. Our link on the website is for a Christian rock band called jawbone. Not that there is anything wrong with Christian rock… nothing at all… If you need a band for your 18th birthday party, i’m sure they have a booking slot available, But THIS is the link for the real Jawbone… the one and only… GREATEST ONE-MAN-BAND ACT IN THE WORLD!

    stay awesome everybody. I’m gonna go slap mitch into shape now:)

  • Rory Says:

    Great 52nd show, I was pleasantly surprised to hear Dan quote the well qualified response to my question on the relevantcy of existentialism within modern music. The essay was factually sound and structurally logical in its argument. I will attempt to humbly respond to the points raised and hopefully raise some of my own as food for thought;

    the “rebirth” of existentialism in indie music through the the second wave of shogaze, namely nugaze has many similar facets as the orginal movement. Is was reported that the first manifestation of shoegaze fell from grace due to the perception that the bands who lead the genre became self-indulgent, over-privileged and middle class. As always, the perception was media driven and had no real grounding, but alas the bands suffered. With the recent revitalisation of the movement through nugaze, the values and characteristics are once more brought to the fore. My question would then follow; what makes the nugaze different? What in these bands will enure longevity and immunity to media criticism? I believe the answer to this will be found in the technological advances in digital media we have seen in the past 5 years. This digital music revolution allows people such as yourselves to play the music you want to play and are devoid of popular opinion and media brainwashing. By broadcasting your PodCast you are creating an environment of free choice and a community of people who appreciate a certain genre or genres of music. It is readily available to all who are interested and will therefore thrive within this protected space.

    We are currently going through a very exciting time, I think. In that people are being exposed to music that previously they would never have had the opportunity to be exposed to, due to numerous reasons, namely geographic position and the underground nature of many of the bands. Another advantage of this revolution, in my opinion is that music has now become readily avaialble to all through sharing of digital libraries. This has added a very interesting element in the making and marketing of music. Due to this “open” infrastructure, bands who would previously chrun out hits just to make money, are now seeing that it is becoming increasingly difficult to justify the purchase of their music. This has lead the artists having to explore different avenues to make their music more appealing, this has been achieved to a certain extent by artwork and the issuing of DVD/CD combos of their music offering. What this means is that most mainstream music will become “disposable” (quoted from Episode 48, I think…) due to its inherent lack of creative ability to entice people to purchase the music rather than obtain it by other means. We then find ourselves in a situation where “Pop will eat itself” purely due to its own mass production and mass marketing. What will be left after this armageddon-like scenario? We will find creative artists who are no are longer defined by the number of albums they have sold, they will be defined by their ability to make followers want to purchase their material and not acquire it, there is a big difference in wanting to purchase someting as opposed to having to purchase it. This can be done by applealing to a listener in such a way that, that listener feels as though a connection has been made on a more personal level and that this piece has not been created, purely out of financial intentions. I am not as naive as to think that popular music will now fall by the wayside and all we will be left with is great, original, constantly evolving music. There is and always will be the need for this music to exist, I just think that the way people percieve it and the attitude the artists will have twords the ability of their audiences to determine the difference between what is real and what has been specifically manufactured to help them part with their hard earned money, will gradually to change.

    This has probably deviated to a certain extent from the original discussion, but I just wanted to share a few of my thoughs which are in some way related.

    Keep on doing what you are doing, I believe its the wave of the future….

  • Kiwi Andy Says:

    Wow, how do I follow that? Can’t do it.

    Your “bickering married couple” banter is brilliant!
    I really enjoyed “The Sound Team”, I’ve heard the song once before somewhere, so based on Mitch’s ‘3 reference’ theory, I need one more person to recommend it and then I have to buy the album, right?

    Go the Dork Report!

  • Dan Says:

    HOLY JEEBUS!!! that was a real page turner of a comment. I plan give it the appropriate amount of effort in response that it demands; however I currently am deeply embroiled in a little problem with my residency. HOWEVER!

    1. I think and hope you all will be particularly impressed with show number 54. Soon to be released… Somehow, I really think we played some timeless gems in #52. Mitch is off on HOLIDAY with his special lady friend, so we might be off for a week.

    2. The maintenance relationship between existentialism and indie in the context of a new nugaz-electronic hybrid and modern media movement is an interesting discussion of a sub-sub-sub genera, my favorite kind by the way, and a discussion i hope to continue.

    3. I hole heartedly recommend The Sound Team. Hell, i never head them till that show, and now i’m into it. THERE”S YOUR THIRD REFERENCE!
    Till next time

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