NuMusic 54: The Tacticians, Highchild, 764-Hero, 65 Days of Static, and Bedroom Walls

Show Notes:
The Tacticians – Hardcore Porn
Highchild – Lazy Love
764-Hero – Without Fire
65 Days of Static – Faces of the Earth (Clinging Onto)
Bedroom Walls – Somewhere in Newhall

6 Responses to “NuMusic 54: The Tacticians, Highchild, 764-Hero, 65 Days of Static, and Bedroom Walls”

  • Kiwi Andy Says:

    Really interesting juxtaposition in the “65 Days” track, I like it!

    A bit of a seedy (is that an english colloquialism?) start to the show with some Hardcore Porn and Lazy Love…

  • Dan Says:

    Yeah, I really dug that track as well. I think this show brought together some seriously interesting tracks.


  • Martin Says:

    Hey dudes.

    I don’t know if you don’t like me or something, but I’ve sent you the same e-mail twice now, an e-mail with some tips about nice Swedish music that I’d love for you to listen to.

    In the last podcast I heard Mitch say something about how much you want your listeners to send you music… well, that’s exactly what I’ve done – check it out, goddamnit!

    If, for some strange reason, you haven’t received either of the two beforementioned e-mails – go to and find out about all the nice music on this label for yourselves. All my tips to you were for bands and artists on the Labrador label.

    Nice to hear that you’ve picked up Peter, Bjorn & John… the whistle track (“Young Folks”) was one of the biggest hits in Sweden during the summer. Let’s hope they can give you some downloads.

    By the way, the girl singing with Peter (or if it’s Bjorn or John) in that song, she’s also the lead singer of the band The Concretes. Or at least she used to be… however, their latest album is one of my favourites of 2006. Check that out too while your on it!

    Stay European.


  • Dan Says:

    Hola Martin!

    Man, I have no idea how we missed youre previous e-mails. You have my appologies. I’m going to check out your tips right now and hopefully get them in on our next show… we’re in danger of missing next week, because mitch is such a world traveling-jet setting – suited and booted city boy. Well actually, he’s probably the anti-city-boy’s city boy. if ya get me. Whereas I, have had my passport confiscated by the Home Office… so you’ll be able to find me here, trapped, for at least the next three months… available to host weddings, bar mitzvah and debutant parties.


  • Rory Says:

    Really enjoyed the show again, you guys rock the party right!!!! Liked the “bedroom walls”, reminded me of “Of Montreal” a bit. Too short though. Dan – That sucks to be grounded in the UK for 3 months. Did your visa expire or something? Anyhoo, keep them tunes rolling.


  • Martin Says:

    Ok, no worries Dan. I’ve sent that e-mail to you once again now, to the “comments adress”… have a look and see if there’s anything you like among my favourite Labrador artists. Bear in mind that it’s like four months since I wrote and sent you that original e-mail, so… there has of course been some action on the Swedish music scene since then, but… you gotta start somewhere.

    I’ve tried to get my girl to listen to your podcast, but she’s been reluctant so far… maybe if you play some Swedish music she’ll like you more or something. :-D

    Keep it up, guys!

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