NuMusic 55: Run DMC, Cheech & Chong, Christmas, The Beach Boys, Weird Al Yankovic, and Spike Jones

Show Notes:
Run DMC – Christmas Hollis
Cheech & Chong – Christmas Novelty
Christmas – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
The Beach Boys – Christmas Day
Weird Al Yankovic – Christmas at Ground Zero
Spike Jones – Christmas Alphabet Midly

11 Responses to “NuMusic 55: Run DMC, Cheech & Chong, Christmas, The Beach Boys, Weird Al Yankovic, and Spike Jones”

  • Christine Says:

    Hey Guys! The last show was brilliant! I haven’t downloaded the latest one yet, but keep em coming!

  • Kiwi Andy Says:

    Hey guys, any reason why this one doesn’t show up in itunes?

  • Martin Says:

    …and you can’t “Download just this one show” either. Or at least I can’t.

  • Christine Says:

    Won’t open for me, either

  • travis Says:

    you guys are slackin’ these days. I was really hoping to get some Christmas cheer with this episode, but No esta aqui.

    But there does seem to be so mething wrong here.

  • Mitch McAlister Says:

    gosh… i must be sluggin back too much egg nog or something. SOOOOOO SORRY everyone. we’re back on track now.

  • Kiwi Andy Says:

    Hey guys, I made it all the way through this one. Things have been crazy at work so I haven’t really got into the Christmas spirit, but played this show during the 7-hour drive to my parents house today. I’m all Christmas spirited now, thanks! The songs were actually tolerable – until that last one. You butter us all up with “we love you for staying and listening this far” and sign off and leave us with the painful track! (not putting down your picks in ANY way Dan!)

    Speaking of sending music in, did you guys get my submission a few weeks back? The Midnight Youth? If not, let me know and I’ll resend.

    Tea Muthaf**kah, TEA


  • Martin Says:

    Hi guys!

    I just came back home from celebrating Christmas Eve at my sister’s (in Sweden Christmas Eve is on the 24th, I have to look in to that to find out why), and on the bus ride home I listened to the second part of your X-mas special, and hey, I was on it! Or, at least sort of. :-)

    I read my last post and I see now that it could’ve done with some more smileys and emoticons (is that what you call it? I think “eroticons” is a funnier word). Anyhow, I’m really sorry if I came across as being a tightass, and I apologize for THE TONE used in that post. I guess I sounded bummed because I felt… kinda bummed. But, from now on there’s only gonna be love going out from me to you… and I hope I’m not stretching too far saying that. :-)

    It IS kinda strange with the e-mails I’ve sent you though, cus you said on the show now that you’d prefer people sending you band tips instead of just links to different labels. Well… that’s just what I DID in my original e-mail to you. Shoot, seems like I already forgot about the love thing mentioned above. :-)

    You know what, I’m gonna try and send you that e-mail one last time, from a different mail account, and send it both to your comments and music addresses.

    It’ll be interesting to see what picks you’ve got from though, and if they at all match mine. :-)

    Oh, and about the Peter, Bjorn & John/Concretes connection. As far as I know, none of the acts are on the Labrador label, let’s just sort that out. One of the vocalists from the Concretes, Victoria Bergsman, is however the female voice on “Young folks”, the now-famous Peter, Bjorn & John single.

    To add to the confusion, Victoria Bergsman has recently left The Concretes to “go solo” – but they’re still like eight people left, so I think they’re gonna be ok. As I stated earlier, check out their latest album, “In Colour”, for one of the best records of 2006 in my opinion.

    Ok guys, think that’s about all for now, again I’m sorry for that arrogant tone I might’ve had in my earlier post. Won’t happen again… I think. :-)

    Melly Klistmas to yall!

  • Dan Says:

    Merry Christmas one and ALL!

  • Julian Says:

    You guys are so religiously sensitive but come on you said that Easter is the birthday of Jesus. Last week one of my friends was looking through some of the older shows and got all excited when she saw you played Dazy Chain. Its decent, I could go for some more of your stuff. And out of all the chiristmas podcasts I listened to yours was actually the only christmas podcast that I made it through.

  • screamingangel Says:

    I recently came across your address, and I was wondering if I could receive the proper contact information so I can send you a cd for possible airplay…

    Thanks for your time..

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