NuMusic 58: Rappers Delight Club, The National Pool, G N’ R, Track Fresh, Land of Ill Earthquakes, & The New Pornographers

Rappers Delight Club – When We Were Kids
The National Pool – A01
Guns N Roses – IRS Demo
Track Fresh – Shins Remix
Land of Ill Earthquakes – Acres of Fakers
The New Pornographers – Twin Cinema

6 Responses to “NuMusic 58: Rappers Delight Club, The National Pool, G N’ R, Track Fresh, Land of Ill Earthquakes, & The New Pornographers”

  • Zach (Trackfresh) Says:

    Hey great show again. Thanks for playing my Shins remix. Glad to finally get some podcast shine. Looking forward to another show soon.

  • Christine Says:

    Congratulations on being a father, Mitch!

  • Rory Says:

    Hi guys

    Thanks for playing the new pornographers, great track.

    I have been meaning to do this for the longest time, that is sending you guys some South African bands that might be good to play on the show.

    Anyhow – thanks for the show…and congrats Mitch on the baby.


  • Kiwi Andy Says:

    Hey guys,

    Got back from a trip to Japan last week and was stoked to have two new shows to listen to. Keep ‘em coming! If New Zealand bands weren’t so damn stingy with their free content I’d have some stuff to contribute.

    Congrats to Mitch & Renica!


  • Martin Says:

    Hey you.

    So, Mitch in Stockholm, huh? On business, I assume? I also assume that you’re back in the UK by now, so… tell me what you thought of my city. :-)

    Oh, and about the northern lights: I hope you don’t got your hopes up too high about seeing it… I’ve seen it once in my life, and it was while visiting my grandma a thousand kilometres north of Stockholm, way up north, close to the Arctic Circle. That’s where you can see that kind of sky phenomena (a song by Jens Lekman, by the way, do you know about him?). Honestly – Stockholm isn’t that far north of London, now is it? Anyhow, as long as you don’t talk about polar bears in the streets I guess I’m happy. :-)

    I still wanna give you tips of more Swedish music… til next time I have to look up which bands are nice enough to give away free mp3:s. There has to be plenty of it… other than the bands.

    Oh, of course: congrats to Mitch and the missus.



  • BJ Says:

    Mitch – NOW you’re screwed!

    Hey, it was a great podcast while it lasted. Thanks for all the great music and laughs. It will be tough not to see new versions going up, but I saved the old ones for nostalgia’s sake.

    I’m kidding of course – I have two kids myself and life goes on. The joke around here when someone is having their first born, goes something like,”How much did you want for your boat?”

    A guy I knew told me two things that will happen when you see the baby the first time – you’ll cry like a baby, and you’ll realize you are no longer the most important person in your own life. I thought he was full of it – turns out, he was right on both accounts.

    Good luck! You can be a great dad and still have the best podcast out there.


    Whoops one more thing – try a guy named Pat McCurdy for some content on your podcast. He’s got two sites with music on them – and he’s got a MySpace account (/heypaddy maybe?) Check him out and see if he’ll let you play a song or two. I’ve got at least 12 of his CD’s. A few songs to test;

    Sex and beer
    Drive in reverse
    Rich young pretty and tan
    I was high
    Screw you
    I like you best

    cya from SheVegas – 58 was stellar.

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