NuMusic 59: Yelle, Motocade, Sleeping States, Black Panta, Guns, and Sunset Rubdown

Yelle – je veux te voir disco
Motocade – into the fall
Sleeping States – London Fields
Black Panta
Sunset Rubdown – Winged Wicked Things

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  • BJ Says:

    Hello from SheVegas – great to see a new show, listened to it immediately (at work, whoops…)

    Two things for you – first, the content on your podcast is excellent. Have to admit that sometimes I skip past the music to hear the give and take between you guys – of course I go back and listen, but its your comments on the music and bands (and other stuff too) that makes the show. So, if you’re talking about cramming a few more songs into the same length, you’ll lose some of what this listener is here for. We can get the ultra-popular music on the radio – but if there’s less popular stuff that you like, even if its pseudo-popular, you should play it. Keep sending the “hot new thing”, but obviously you need to play what you enjoy listening to, whatever it is.

    The Sheboygan accent! Not sure I can do it, but I have to call you and try. Basically, you replace all “th”s with “d”s and add “hey” to the end of any sentence. For instance, “Dis is da way you put da brat in da bun, hey.” Hey can be a question too – “You wanna go down by da lake hey?” I’ve done everything I can to NOT sound like I’m from here, but I’ll give it a shot for you when I call.

    Great show – gotta go back and listen to the songs!


  • Trackfresh Says:

    Show 59 was great. Keep up the good work. I always look forward to your show. Thanks again for playing my tune… and I got some new stuff that’s gonna rock your world. Check out my soundclick site when you get a chance.

  • Christine Says:

    Hey guys!
    thanks for playing sleeping states! You played my favorite song of theirs! I can’t tell you how jealous I am that you guys get to see them live! In response to BJ’s comment about skipping some of the music to hear you talk, I’m glad I’m not the only one that does that! I enjoy your conversations and ramblings (interesting ramblings…) as much as the music. By all means, play what you want, but I’ve lost a lot of my favorite podcasts due to what they play, when they took risks, and did not have permission to play the music. And I absolutely love the random music that is played on notesunderground, that no one has really heard of. Great episode. Keep em coming!

  • Martin Says:

    Hey ya.

    Glad ya liked Stockholm, Mitch. Been here before? What did you do while visiting? I’m curious, maaan. :-)

    That thing about Swedes not looking into strange people’s eyes (strange as in unknown, that is), I don’t know, it might be true. But honestly, how often do you confront tourists on the streets of Ldn? Of course there’s some truth about Swedish people being kinda stiff and all that, but after all there’s about nine million of us, we can’t ALL be the same now can we? :-)

    You Londoners get a great chance to greet a tourist in the street next weekend, cuz that’s when I’m in YOUR town. Thursday-Monday, watch out. I’m gonna live close to Victoria station, is nice. Maybe I’ll see ya around! Or not. :-)

    Been looking around for some Swedish hiphop/grime (yes, it does exist), and there’s a few tips on a site called MySpace, you might’ve heard of it.


    All good stuff, try and play some of theirs if you’re able.

    Oh, it sounded like you didn’t know about Jens Lekman… here’s two of his songs.

    Okay then fellas, stay sharp!

  • Rory Says:

    Hi there guys,

    Great show, thanks. I think you should keep the mix of music and talking exactly as it is, it works in my opinion.

    Sent you some submittions of South African music, hope you like them.

    See you

  • Jamie Says:


    I looked at the lyrics to the Yelle song with the knowledge from my high school French classes and translated a bit. Sample: the lines “Je veux te voir/Dans un film pornographique/En action avec ta bite”… en anglais: “I want to see you/In a porno/In action with your cock”. Charming, eh? Yelle goes on to bash some guy named Cuizi and his band Cuizinier. I looked him up, and he’s also in a french hip-hop/rap group called TTC, which has some decent stuff (although no “pod-safe” free music that I could find).

    I like the balance of music/talking just as it is. If I were you, I wouldn’t change that part.

    I have a bunch of music that I’ve been finding, that I’ll probably e-mail over soon enough.

    Keep it going,

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