NuMusic 60: Tokyo Police Club, Scanners, Dr. Dog, Levi Weaver, Constantines, Entrance, and Chicks On Speed

Tokyo Police Club – Be Good
Scanners – Lowlife
Dr. Dog – Easy Beat
Levi Weaver – Good Machine
Constantines – Nichtime/Anytime
Entrance – Grim Reaper Blues
Chicks on Speed – My Space

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  • travis Says:

    Strange that you mentioned Zwan and Billy. If you check out his myspace page, there is rumor of Smashing Pumkin’s getting back together. They’ll probably still suck. What’s up with all these old bands thinking that they can just come back? Unfortunately none of them ever heard, “quit while you’re ahead”.

    Anyways, great show as always. Keep up the good work. Get a new mic…

  • Kiwi Andy Says:

    Hey guys,

    Third show in a row where I’ve checked out the bandnames and had a song to look forward to (The Constantines, Yelle, and New Pornographers) as well as some great ‘hot new things’. I really expected #59 to start off with Dan screaming “WOOOH! WEEEE GOT YEEELLLE!”.

    Onto the subject of pod-safe vs pod-dangerous muzak:
    I appreciate the amount of digging you guys do to find the ‘hot new thing’ that’s actually downloadable, but also as Mitch said this week, it’d be cool to hear some stuff that you guys listen to regularly as opposed to music you find purely off the net.

    I personally believe that any band that you guys play should be grateful for the promotion that they get, and hence you should be able to play what you want. Their lawyers may not agree, but that’s my opinion. Some justification on why: I don’t listen to the radio anymore, and so hear about bands through friends, my own research and a couple of podcasts. I probably own about 15-20 albums that were bought on recommendation/promo from a podcast alone. As such I think podcasting sells albums, despite what the record labels like to spin about everyone on the net being a music pirate. Gyarrr! Shiver me timbers!

    Maybe I have a naive view of things, but I think people that listen to podcasts such as yours support indie bands enough to buy quite a bit of music rather than ’steal’ it. So yeah, for an indie podcast I think you guys should be able to drop in a few ‘pod-dangerous’ tracks every once in a while. Then again, it’s up to you guys to figure out whether you’re going to get stung by the label-lawyers (damn The Man!). Whatever happens, we’re right behind you.

    As for Dan’s question about my trip to Japan, I spent 3 weeks snowboarding in Hokkaido. Great snow, great culture, and much cheaper than people would have you believe. It’s funny how something so familiar as walking into a cd store can be so unfamiliar in a foreign country. Thousands of cd’s and I had no idea who any of these artists were, or even what genre half of them were! I can send you my blog link if you’re interested.

    As they say in Sheboygan (sp):
    “Catch you next week, hey?”


  • Dan Says:

    POST THE BLOG LINK! Does it contain pictures of deep powder freshies? So jealous.


  • Kiwi Andy Says:

    Not a whole lot of action shots for ya, but a few okay pics in between my mediocre descriptions of such an amazing place, enjoy Danno:

  • Jamie Says:

    Hey yous guys,

    First off, thanks a ton for playing 2 of the artists that I sent in.

    Dan- I checked out; they have some great stuff on there. Thankyou thankyou.

    On the whole podsafe vs. non-podsafe issue… what “Kiwi Andy” up there said pretty much sums up my opinions. I get how hard you work to bring in the best underground tunes for us every week, so you should have the right to give yourselves a break and play some of the music that you love, but may not necessarily be 100% “pod safe”. On the other hand, I certainly don’t want you to get in any trouble for playing stuff you’re not supposed to. But hey, like you said, if you want to jaywalk every once in a while, what’s the harm?

    Anyway, great show numero six-oh, keep it UP.

  • Christine Says:

    Hey Guys!

    So this weekend, I was supposed to compete in a jazz band competition in Boston, but due to a crazy snow storm, most of the east coast was shut down, and we were stranded in the Charlotte, North Carolina air terminal for 16 hours. This new episode took the sting off of the wait. Another great show! I Loved Tokyo Police Club and Dr. Dog. Thanks for mentioning Daytrotter, Dan! I’ve never heard of it before. And yes, the podcasts that I’ve lost does consist of two or three shows…you caught me! :-) If you guys want to play other stuff, I say go for it. Just make sure you don’t become show number three I lose. Then what would help me survive crazy airport terminals? But I would like to hear some stuff you guys really enjoy!

  • Dan Says:

    Lake Wisconsin??? Wha??? Sorry… meant to say lake Michigan. Sheboygan, MICHIGAN! STUPID!

    Great blog on the japan ski trip Andy! I’m still sans passport, a prisoner of this tiny island while the government decides if I should be allowed to live here. So until they get back to me, I’ll have to live vicariously through your hard carving pics! I especially like the action shot towards the bottom! I can really feel the joy of that turn! AAAAAAAAH so jealous.


  • Benno Says:

    Hi guys,

    I’ve been listening for the last three shows, my brother was banging on about this podcast for a while and i finally decided to do something about it and listen. I have to say there is a nice variety of music – some is pretty inspired – Tokyo Police Club, Dr Dog, Yelle spring to mind.

    Anyhoo .. so you dissed Corgan – ok I see where you are coming from but a personal attack on him is a little low – there are worse egoes in the world of music. However I do agree with you on the Pumpkins live comments. Monumental studio band – difficult live. I saw the last UK gig before they split and it was pomp rock – classic songs revamped as hero guitar classics that meant they lost their original feel. Having said that they are touring Europe and I might try and take a trek over the English channel and catch them and give them a second chance. The first gig actually led to me and a friend coining the phrase “Its all gone a bit Smashing Pumpkins” when something went wrong or we were let down in everyday life.

    Keep them coming – looking forward to 61


    West Yorkshire

  • Rory Says:

    Howzit Guys

    Another great show, loved Tokyo police club. Thanks Dan for Daytrotter, I have been looking for some Of Montreal for a while so as soon as I saw it there I grabbed it faster than a sumbitch. On the whole Podsafe/danger issue, I think I will concur with my fellow listeners in saying that you guys should play whatever you want, I am sure you have been dying to unleash that 80gig hard drive of yours that you have worked so hard to build and more importantly maintain, maybe trickle feed has more of that element of stealth you need. Anyways, I would be so interested to hear what you guys listen to on a regular basis, its our way of stickin’ it to that man.

    Look forward to next show


  • Martin Says:

    Hehe, I always think I’m better at HTML than I actually am… but you’ve got the link in the dot, so I didn’t mess up completely. The band is called Johnossi, anyways. They’re found at, simple as that. Good bike!

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