NuMusic 61: Dizzie Rascal, Danger Doom, Kilowatthours, Faces, Broken Social Scene, Trackfresh, Sololos

Dizzie Rascal
Danger Doom
Broken Social Scene

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  • Jamie Says:


    good music, good show.

    dan- the faces were originally called “The Small Faces”, not “The Tiny Faces”. (sorry). I love their song “ooh la la”, which Rod Stewart didn’t sing in. Rod Stewart’s remake of the song pales in comparison.

    Broken Social Scene’s always cool, so thanks for playing that.

    ’til next week,

  • Rory Says:

    Hello Guys

    Great number 61, thanks. Here is the Wikipedia of Kilowatthours, they’re from Kentucky.

    Kilowatthours was formed in 1998 in Louisville, Kentucky by Ben Lord and Chris Renn. The lineup was filled out with the addition of Dan Benningfield and Ryan Compton shortly thereafter. Compton left the band in 2001, Benningfield in 2002. Dan Hewins joined the band in 2002. Doug Keith and Brad Bennett in 2003. Kilowatthours released several albums and singles on the Temporary Residence Ltd. label before changing their name to Up The Empire in 2004.


  • Dan Says:

    Thanks for the correction Jamie!

  • Kiwi Andy Says:

    Hey guys,

    I’d been holding out on listening to this one until I started the 7-hour road trip home for Easter weekend. It definitely helped the time fly by, thanks!

    That dizzie rascal track is brilliant!

    I actually have Chris Cornell’s solo release and there’s a few okay tracks on it. Not quite up to Soundgarden/Temple Of The Dog quality but it’s not bad. I also really liked the track he did for the latest Bond movie, if his new album is anything like that I might have to check it out. Although I agree that “Seasons” is his best work by far.

    FYI, the lead singer of Motocade has a side/solo project that’s kinda cool. Pretty different to Motocade, more electro but still interesting. Check out “Motel Fabulous” at


  • Martin Says:

    Hey guys, I can’t comment on the latest show… the “Leave a reply”-window doesn’t open. So I’ll do it here instead.

    I specifically liked a couple of songs from the last two shows, and that was Broken Social Scene and Busdriver. I’d heard of BSS earlier but I don’t think that I’d heard anything BY them, so that was great. You got me more interested in them and in Feist. I also liked that Busdriver track a lot, and him/them had I never heard of at all. Sounds like it’s worth checking out.

    I enjoyed your kittycat banter as well… I’m myself a proud owner of two cats. Like ‘em a lot although they sure can give you hell sometimes by like peeing in your bed and stuff like that. It’s been a couple of months since that happened now, I’m hoping it’s a thing of the past. And I also wanna have a dog in the future, sometime, somehow, somewhere. Dunno what race or anything, but… I do want it.

    Hey, I tell ya: don’t miss JOHNOSSI live at the Camden-whatevere-festival. I think it was on the 19th… you’ll love it! Maybe. :-)

    There’s a couple of nice live shows coming up here in Stockholm… Bloc Party plays here soon, as well as our native Shout Out Louds, and in about a month’s time I’m gonna see Rosie Thomas and Denison Witmer. That oughtta be a grand evening.

    See yall, keep it up!

  • Mason Says:

    Hey boys,

    Nice job, as usual! Just one note (other than echoing the Broken Social Scene love — if you haven’t seen them live, you MUST):

    Zack de la Rocha did a bit of solo material, including one anti-war song in 2003 or 2004 with DJ Shadow which was great. It’s called “March of Death”.

    Keep it up. I’ll give you a listener submission soon…

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