NuMusic 66: Jim Bianco, Kanye West, Kid Hoala, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, Butter 08, Scott Amendola, The Vasolines, & Coltrane Motion

Jim Bianco – Handsome Devil
Kanye West – Young Folkes
Kid Koala – Skanky Pankey
Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly – The Chronicles of a B
Butter 08 – Dick Serious
Scott Amendola – Oladipo
The Vasolines – Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam
Coltrane Motion – The End of Everything

4 Responses to “NuMusic 66: Jim Bianco, Kanye West, Kid Hoala, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, Butter 08, Scott Amendola, The Vasolines, & Coltrane Motion”

  • Amber Says:

    ehhh, That Kanye West track sucked. I didn’t even make it through half of it! That PB&J track is kinda played out now anyway, but then put shitty spoken word or whatever Kanye was doing over it and it is a disaster!
    I am actually one of your listeners that was at SXSW. It was going on like a week after I moved here to Austin and it was hella fun. I was sad because Tokyo Police Club was playing like 45 times and I had heard them on your show but didnt get to see them. But I am going to see them in a few weeks here in Austin cos they are coming back.
    I did go see the Scanners and got to see the Faint play a free show at SXSW and I must say, the Faint are one of the best live acts EVER and if you get a chance, you should go see them.
    Another great act that I found out about during SX was Kid Sister. If you can get a hold of her track “Control”, that’s a great one. And she is very friendly and she is all about her myspace, so maybe she will give you the hookups to play her music. She is a great hiphop chick from Chi-town.
    Anyway, I have really been enjoying the podcast since the mics are so CRYSTAL CLEAR!!!
    Thanks, and good luck with the spawn, Mitch!

  • Christine Says:

    Hey Guys!
    Good show! I think it was one of my favorite shows since I’ve been listening. I loved the first track by Jim Bianco. I immediately thought of Tom Waits. He definitely has that Tom Waits growl. I thought the Kanye West track was brilliant just because it was so bad and I usually want to punch him in the face a little bit! But I thought the track pretty much summed up why I feel that way…so thanks! :-) I also really liked the Vasolines track. Good show!

  • Rory Says:

    Hello there fellas,

    Nice, nice showzen. Jim Bianco was great and that Kanye West track, so funny. Is that dude for real? Ranting and raving like anyone cares – oh well I guess he’s just makin’ art for the people and who can argue that?!!!


  • micah sherrill Says:

    i know kanye is catching hell with everyone, but i still kind of liked it in spite of his center of the universeness. i think it’s funny how he blames everything he is criticized for on the fact that people don’t know that he went to art school. well, i would like to make a distinction between people like me who make art for a living and people that always say they went to art school. i couldn’t identify less with folks he identify themselves that way. interested in art? shut up, and make it… perhaps? anyhow. he is a creative idiot and maybe i can relate to that somedays. i’m done rambling like kanye, so now you can read this comment on the air in a funny voice and make fun of me again. take care,


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