NuMusic 67: Hellocopter, Helio Sequence, Jamie T, The Loose Salute, People Noise, Noloc, and Groovesmith

Hellocopeter – Budget
Helio Sequence – The People Of The Secret
Jamie T – Brand New Bass Guitar
The Loose Salute – The Mutineer
People Noise – Turn Around
Noloc – Lost in the Desert
Groovesmith – Not Again

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  • John D Says:

    I always listen to the whole show! Even when the sound gets crackley. Hellocopter was great, and Jamie T was something very original, and I found myself singing it throughout the day. Keep up the good work. notes underground and this american life are the only two podcasts i listen to religiously.

  • Christine Says:

    hey guys!
    Another great show! I’m glad you got such a kick out of my crazy ohio phrases. I don’t realize how truely “ohio” the things I say are, until someone not from ohio comments on them. Needless to say I got a kick out of the fact that you got a kick out of it. I absolutely loved the Helio Sequence song. And the Jamie T song was amazing, too. Mitch that Groovesmith track was amazing! What was your role in the band? In regards to a routine when listening to the show, I am only 18, so I don’t have an office to go to or anything, but I listen to it whenever I get the chance, and I usually listen to it the entire way through but not all at once. Be on the lookout for my flickr picture. I am tagging a picture of my room since that is where I usually listen to it, or I listen to it while being in transit to somewhere else. great show!

  • matt Says:

    Hey you said you aren’t getting as many comments so I think it’s time to get off my ass and thank you guys for a great podcast.

    Until recently (just got a new job)I was working a ton of overtime staring at a computer all day. I found your podcast about 2 or 3 months before I left that job and you guys kept me sane through my last few months. Good music, lots of props for canada (i’m canadian so it makes me feel like i’m responsible for some reason when you call out canadian bands), and you guys are hilarious. Nothing against the old days but I think the london shows have a much better dialogue. I laugh out loud (quietly through my nose since I’m at work) often while listening. Thanks and keep it up.

  • matt Says:

    I posted that first comment before you got to the part about video games. I work in the games industry. I thought I should let Dan know that there is a place where all the video game niches are filled… JAPAN. Go to Akihabara in Tokyo (or just google it) and you will find store after store with endless aisles of games about sex and every other subject. Crazy.

    Also, Nintendo can restrict games if they exceed the ratings restrictions they hold. That game Mitch is talking about (Manhunt 2?) is actually getting a Adults Only rating in the US so nintendo and sony are both planing on refusing to certify it.

    Ok, enough nerding out.

  • Kiwi Andy Says:

    G’day lads,

    I’ve been out of the loop for a bit but am all caught up on shows now. The last two have been great!

    I agree with Matt’s comment about Akihabara, it’s an incredible place. An entire district dedicated to everything electronic (plus basements full of manga).

    Did you guys get my “where I listen” photo? I don’t have a flickr account so emailed it through to comments@notesunderground

    Have you ever had a listen to any of Jimmy Tamborello’s other projects? I’ve just picked up the latest Dntel and James Figurine albums and think they’re worth a listen. Looks like theres a track available at

    Just got tickets to The Shins at the end of this month, should be a good gig.

    Keep the great stuff coming,


  • Chris Schroeder Says:

    my buddy and i enjoy listening to your podcast..i download it at work and crack up and your commentary.. keep up the good work…hellocopeter was pretty legit too

  • micah sherrill Says:

    hey mitch/dan-

    here’s your comment. the show is great as always… even better with the tech-problem-free episodes! for me the podcast thing hasn’t died out. i just can’t follow everything i subscribed to. not enough time to hear everything, but it just boils my listening time to a few. you guys are my number one, then ‘this american life’, and everything else is down the line. love seeing the pictures on the site. i promise to tag some at my flickr account. mitch, congrats on the approaching dadness. looking forward to the next episode… and tell lee to get the dork report back on! you guys are awesome, but so is he. take it easy,


  • Rory Says:

    Hi Mitch & Dan

    I really enjoyed that show, probably my favorite of the 60 series. Hellocopter rocked out. Dan, you are right about my notes listening routine. I usually get in to work pretty early, about 06h30. First thing I do is open i-tunes and hopefully a new episode is ready for download. It loads really quickly that early in the morning. As its loading i’ll go have coffee and a smoke (breakfast of champions). On my return, the load is done and i’m ready to listen. I then proceed to listen to the WHOLE episode, whilst I read online news and check my share portfolio……you only have intelligent industrious listeners.

    Last week I went on a business trip up to Namibia, a country on the West coast of Africa – beautiful place made up of desert and mountainous savanna. I listened to this episode as I was driving from the airport to the city. It was night and pitch black, with the most amazing night sky with so many stars it looked like clouds in the sky. I should have taken some pics and posted on flickr. So notes underground has been listened to from London to LA to the darkest road in Africa.

    Looking forward to the next one.

  • Cougar Says:

    Hey Mitch & Dan,
    Thank you for doing this show: I have tried others, but none of them come close to how much I enjoy your podcast.

    I know I fell off the side of the earth for awhile, but vis-à-vis: life is tragic beautiful chaos.

    Not to worry, I have close to half a year of recommendations I have being wanting to send to you.

    Check your email soon,

  • Christine Says:

    We’ve been hearing in the news that it’s raining pretty hard over there. I hope you guys are okay.

  • Brian Says:

    Yo fellas, whats the haps? I just started listening to the podcast about 2 months ago. I listen to it while driving in my car, sometimes it takes me a day or two to get through it, but I alwyase listen to the whole thing.


  • Malcolm Mayfield Says:

    For the record: “cognitive listenence” – was coined in this podcast by Mitch McAlister

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