NuMusic 68: DJ Bear Cub, Antibales, LCD Soundsystem, The Happies, NIN VS. 50 Cent, Maps, and Mitch

DJBC – Play That Funky Wii
Antibales Afrobeat Orchestra – indictment
LCD Soundsystem – New York I Love You
The Happies – Thread Paper Girl
NIN vs. 50 Cent
Maps – It Will Find You
Mitch – Anyway

8 Responses to “NuMusic 68: DJ Bear Cub, Antibales, LCD Soundsystem, The Happies, NIN VS. 50 Cent, Maps, and Mitch”

  • jim g Says:

    Long time listener, I liked the addition of the third guy this show, sort of took me back to the LA salad days. Some strong selections but please stop it with the joke hip hop tracks. I’d rather listen to wierd Al or stick a pencil in my ear.

    Other that that, great show except for Dan’s puritan rant on art which was almost as annoying. Just please don’t play any Lou Reed to make your point about modern art. Look forward to the next show and how about some Euro stuff, I think Low Frequency in Stereo may have some pod safe tracks???



  • micah sherrill Says:

    hey guys, first off…. thanks dan for the great plug on my art. very kind of you. would love to see what you make if you want to share a link sometime. also, sorry bout the flickr stuff. you guys complained about not getting any photos. i didn’t mean to tag too many. i removed tags from most of them.

    as for the the blue light… that is a little blowtorch shot with a long exposure. fun to draw with light sometimes. the baby is my new little sister, wren. i am still single, but have the good fortune of a new sister and nieces and nephews to spend time with. mitch, i’m sure you are gonna love being a dad.

    dan, i don’t know where you have seen my work, but there was an image a while back in “art in america” about half way through. otherwise, i have shown at a few major fairs, SOFA chicago, palm beach 3, bridge art fair. my dad is a well known sculptor, but my exposure is still limited. i am selling enough to survive, but it is still tough. i wouldn’t have it any other way. i messed around with a podcast you could have seen my stuff in and my work is up at so, maybe one of those places?

    haven’t listened to the whole show yet, but thanks for “one-sided conversation”. i was telling my dad how strange it is that podcasts allow strange lop-sided familiarities. it seems quite different from listening to a radio show with a “DJ” who performs.

    later guys,


  • Christine Says:

    Hi Guys,
    Another good show. I absolultely loved the lcd soundsystem track. I am seeing them and arcade fire in october and I could not be more excited! The guest was a nice touch. And Mitch, once again, your track was awesome. keep the good stuff coming!


  • Rory Says:

    Hi guys

    Thanks for the show, I had a good laugh at your assumptions of what I do…I wish it was as interesting as a “Scientist” or as easy as a “Trust fund baby”. I was in Windhoek (Capital City) seeing the Central Bank of Namibia. I am a banker, holy shit that sounds boring. Its actually quite exciting, I think. Get to travel a bit work with interesting people…etc…etc. I’m not your stereotypical corporate “person” – Hey, I listen to notes underground, thats gotta score me some cool points?

    Anyway thats what I do!! Looking forward to the next one.


  • Kiwi Andy Says:

    Hey lads,

    Great show, I loved the baby pic attachment too – did you think of renaming the episode to “Notes From The Ultrasound”?

    The Shins was a fun gig, the guitarist can really only be described as ‘bouncy’! It was nice to see a big name indie band (is that a contradiction?) make a trip all the way down here, and hopefully they felt they were well received. Did you guys ever make it to the Harry & The Potters gig in London?

    I’ll try and get some pics onto a Flickr account soon.


    p.s. Keep the mashups coming. They’re terrible and brilliant at the same time!

  • Mason Says:

    Hey boys,

    Good shows lately — I’ve been waiting to comment until I got caught up. I quite liked the Jamie T song you played a couple shows back, and was happy to see he’s on the bill for Virgin Fest here in Toronto in September. In fact, there’s a few exciting acts on that bill, and I’m making a primer mix for my friends and I.

    One band that instantly got me interested is called Earl Greyhound — they kind of remind me of Muse, who rocked the festival last year. They’re on Myspace at … I suggest playing “S.O.S” on a future show.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  • Pola Says:

    Hey guys

    I’ve been listening to the show since you’ve been in LA and I just needed to sincerely thank you ’cause you’ve saved my sanity over the past 3 weeks.

    I had been stock piling episodes for my vacation and, God, am I ever glad I did. I have this crazy Italian aunt in Rome and she invited me on a cruise through Greece with her. I’m a student from western Canada so I figured it would be a nice getaway…it totally wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, it was beautiful, but those old Italian raisins on the boat were awful people. Instead of seeing much of Greece I saw a lot of Italian nipples…old Italian nipples…disgusting.

    My only escape ended up being your podcast, and I got the most amusing looks from the people tanning on deck when I was laughing out loud at some of your comments (and songs…DJ BC Dan? common! I was thinking more of Waverace than Zelda).

    So I just had to say thanks for the show.

    I should mention this great hip-hop artist from western Canada that you might like but my html skills aren’t the greatest (can’t remember my “href’s”) but Cadence Weapon’s song Black Hand is great and is free on his myspace:

    thanks, Pola

    p.s. France vs. Italy? France wins hands down

  • Daniel Says:

    Hey guys,

    I’ve been a listener since more or less the beginning of the show but haven’t felt compelled to comment till this week. While browsing the site I saw the vid of Mitch’s brand new baby on his Myspace and all I really want to say is aaawwwwwww so cute! Apart from that keep the good music coming I’m especially looking forward to some more DJ Bear that guy was awesome!!!


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