NuMusic 70:The Cramps, Nick Drake, MIA, Go Home Productions, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Little Dragon

The Cramps – The Creature From The Black Leather Lagoon
Nick Drake – Milk and Honey
MIA – Mango Pickle Down River
beatles vs. radiohead
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Aint No Easy Way
Little Dragon – Twice

6 Responses to “NuMusic 70:The Cramps, Nick Drake, MIA, Go Home Productions, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Little Dragon”

  • Kiwi Andy Says:

    Oh yeah! The boys are back!

    Interesting chat about moustaches, are you aware that’s currently Movember? Check for more info!

    I also forgot to mention in my email that the tracks I sent through are all freely available on the net so they’re podsafe.

    Looking forward to number 71…


  • Kiwi Andy Says:

    What the deuce is going on here? I can’t be the only commenter!

    Just thought I’d mention I was checking out this week and the ‘Artist To Watch’ was Tyler Ramsey – who you guys played back in Episode 46 thanks to a submission by Micah. You guys are so ahead of the game, and holy crap you’ve got some listeners who are ‘in the know’!



  • Jamie Says:

    OK, finally listened to the last two shows.

    1. I usually hate mashups, but that one was decent.

    2. The BRMC song sounded different from the other stuff I’ve heard from them, and I liked it a lot.

    3. I’m interested in this “squirrel experiment”; you should post the video.

    4. The brain talk was really interesting as well.

    I have a bunch of music I’ve collected, so expect an e-mail or two.


  • Jamie Says:

    Also, in regard to kiwiandy’s second comment, Silversun Pickups were MTV’s “band of the week” last week. Crazy.

  • Cougar Says:

    Hey NU Crew!
    Good to hear from all of you again! Sounding great, as always.

    From another side of the medium argument, not a day goes by I don’t hear about the argument concerning film vs digital. 16mm versus HD are the main arguments among student filmmakers, and I can fill you in much more if there is any interest…

    I will be send some recommendations for Episode 71 soon; check your inbox. But the band I can recommend to everyone without any hesitation: Grand Ole Party. Check them out, you’ll be glad you did –

    Take care,

  • Pete Says:

    Another great show guys!

    Got me through another day at work.

    Glad you mentioned Nirvana’s Unplugged in New York. Almost forgot it was coming out on dvd today. I’m watching it right now. Nice to see it after listening to it who knows how many times. It is unedited too, meaning they left all the between song banter and what not in.


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