NuMusic 72: Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, Cash Valley Drifters, Delta Spirit, Grand Ole Party, The Clash, My Morning Jacket, & Radiohead

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss – Fortune Teller
Cash Valley Drifters – White Room
Delta Spirit – Duncan
Grand Ole Party – Look Out Young Son
The Clash – Rudie Can’t Fail
My Morning Jacket – Rocket Man
Radiohead – Reckoner

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  • James Moore Says:


    Just finished listening to the latest show sitting here nursing a hangover from the free bar at the company Christmas party. Wow, what a great set of music, its made me feel 100% better.

    Cheers, and keep them coming!

  • Micah Sherrill Says:

    hey, ya’ll mentioned tyler ramsey. you should check out his newest tracks at myspace. he was putting together his second album when recently he put that on hold to join up with band of horses. i’m hoping that does tyler some deserved attention he is fantastic and will bring some great songwriting to band of horses for sure. great show, later guys!


  • Mason Says:

    I finally tagged a couple photos from Toronto’s subway, where I usually listen to the show on my way to work.

    Do you guys listen to hip hop at all? It’s not my favourite genre of music, but often I find great rap that I have to tell people about. One example is Josh Martinez, a Vancouver-based rapper with a party-all-day, party-all-night attitude and killer rhymes. Go to his myspace page ( and consider playing Just A Dood or, if you can find it, Fight or Fuck, which is my favourite.

    Keep up the nice work, guys.

  • Mason Says:

    oops. that should be

  • Kiwi Andy Says:

    Hey guys,

    I really enjoyed the Delta Spirit track, and I’ll have to track down that Robert Plant album too. I see the reviews of the Led Zepp gig are out and it sounded like a hell of show. Here’s hoping for a tour eh?

    As for Movember, I’m not sure if you’ve had a look at the site yet but it’s basically a chance for men to exercise their right to grow the pinnacle of facial fashion – the moustache. An entire month dedicated to the mo! It’s been slightly commercialised in NZ, Aussie and (I think) the UK to get people thinking about men’s health. I just think it’s cool because mo’s sprout up all over the place. Next year I hope to see a Mo’s Underground team effort.

    Looking forward to the next show, glad to hear you and the listeners enjoyed the Bon Iver track.


  • Martin Says:


  • Martin Says:

    Ok, so it seems to be working now. I always get these error messages as soon as I try to make a post, so I sort of got tired of trying. But hey, I’ll give it one more go.

    Nice to hear you guys back on air, I hope that you’re gonna keep the podcasts coming. I liked Mitch’s idea of putting a mic on Ren, that’s a thought that has crossed my mind a couple of times listening to previous shows. We (or at least I) wanna hear more of her! :-)

    Hm, you mentioned Roald Dahl in the most recent show and the fact that he was British. I actually thought he was Norwegian but I was proved wrong by Wikipedia. His parents were though, but he was apparently born in Wales. I was hoping to get to correct you on that one, but nope. :-)

    The Krauss/Plant album is quite big here in Sweden too and has gotten some rave reviews in the press but I hadn’t heard anything from it until this show, and man, that was a great song. Had no idea it was Robert Plant singing until you said it – I feel I have to check that album out now.

    Here’s a special listener’s submission, btw:

    The guy’s name is Christian Kjellvander, he’s Swedish but has been living in the US. He used to be the singer of a great band called Loosegoats, but now he’s “on his own” since a couple of years back. Great singer, writing great songs.

    Hope you’re back with a new show soon!

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