NuMusic 75: Augustus Pablo, Young Blood Brass Band, Clinic, Matmos, The Howling Hex, & Tapes N’ Tapes

Augustus Pablo – Baby I love you so
Young Blood Brass Band – Diaspora
Clinic – Harvest
Matmos – Rainbow Flag
The Howling Hex – Pair Back Up Mass
Tapes N Tapes – Hang Them All

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  • Micah Sherrill Says:

    hey guys, i didn’t look it up to verify, but i believe “spaghetti western” was intended to describe movies by directors such as sergio leone (fistful of dollars/the good the bad and the ugly/once upon a time in the west). when he directed films with clint eastwood he didn’t even speak english and many of the cast members were even spanish speaking. in fact i believe the eastwood pictures were filmed in spain and not italy. these are just tidbits i remember, but i am sure there are other italians that imitated leone and americans who made movies in the same style. i think that some films were made in europe to lower production cost. if you watch one of the films you may see that alot of the dialogue was dubbed. this is due to the fact that one actor may have been american while another may have been spanish or italian…. though they were in scenes together. strange genre of film, but i think some of the most visually artistic films ever made were “spaghetti westerns”. feel free to correct me if you find me to be mistaken though. 3:10 to yuma was made in this visual style as well.

    btw, my friend, tyler ramsey has a new album out that is very beautiful. i will try to send you some tracks soon. thanks for the great podcasts. still listening!


  • Jamie Says:

    Just recently got caught up on shows- the past few have been great. I love the Architecture in Helsinki song you played a few shows back (you played a remix, which there are many of. personally, I like the original best. they even have a “Heart it Races EP” too, with 4 other bands covering the song). All the other music has been great too, as always. 3/4 of the way to the big 100!


  • Mason Says:

    Hey guys… I’m totally feeling that Youngblood Brass Band stuff. Amazing spin on hip hop! I DJ once in a while in Toronto and I’m sure I’ll play one of their tracks next time.

    Have you heard of the Primavera Sound music festival in Barcelona? It’s happening on the last weekend in May, and I’m building my first ever trip to Spain around it. Gonna be awesome… if you’re interested in taking in a great festival you should check it out.

    thanks again for a consistently good show. my buddy Jehan and I are taking a crack at it ourselves… you can find our first two on my blog.


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