NuMusic 77: Cocoa Tea, The Black Keys, Scott Matthews, Donovan, Devotchka, Madonna, MGMT, The Foals, & Jon Jajoie

Cocoa tea – Barack Obama
The Black Keys – 10am Automatic
Scott Matthews – Dream Song
Donovan – Do Not Go Gentle
Devotchka – Dearly Departed
Madonna (with Gogol Bordello) – La Isla Bonita
MGMT – Time To Pretend
The Foals – Ballons
Jon Lajoie – High As Fuck

8 Responses to “NuMusic 77: Cocoa Tea, The Black Keys, Scott Matthews, Donovan, Devotchka, Madonna, MGMT, The Foals, & Jon Jajoie”

  • Adam Says:

    hey guys, just listened to the new podcast and totally dug it….especially that Scott Matthews song – unreal! A note on the festival discussion: come to Canada! There’s a great new festival kicking off this year in BC, the Pemberton Festival. The line-up mixes acts like Coldplay, Jay-Z, Interpol, Vampire Weekend, and Mates of State with some great Canadian acts like Kathleen Edwards. Check it out!

  • a swede living in hawaii Says:

    i think i wrote ine time before saying that it is nice sitting in hawaii and being able to hear some good new music instead of just lsitening to the reggae that they are playing on this island all the time.
    I just straight listened to the three last episodes when I was sitting in the sun on my bolcony….
    I think you guys need a tip about a great electro act from sweden which is No Hay Banda (free downloads on my space) and the song “New Love”
    thank you for a great show every time

  • Martin Says:

    Hey guys.

    Just listened to the two last podcasts, and they were great and interesting as always. Liked The Foals track, I’ve heard it somewhere else before and it appealed to me. Vampire Weekend is a band I’ve heard much about but actually never heard, so it was nice to get to know them a bit better as well.

    Cool to hear you talking about Sweden and Stockholm as well, glad that you like my hometown – I do too. Obviously it’s not the same when you’re born in the city, you can’t really see it with “new” eyes every time, every day. Guess that’s the same way you feel about San Fransisco (but you’re not all from there, are you?), whereas I probably would/will be blown away when I get to see The Golden Gate Bridge for the first time “live”.

    Oh, and “Färgfabriken” does mean “Color Factory”, good one Spence.

    Interesting to hear you talk about summer festivals as well, I’m actually thinking of going to that Primavera one, there’s loads of good bands playing. Of course I haven’t heard all of them previously, but one of the greatest things about being at a festival is that you get the chance to discover NEW bands as well, right?

    Me and my girl probably are gonna go to one of all the Swedish festivals as well, one called Peace & Love. It’s not a nectar (ho-ho-ho) festival as you might think, but more of a rock oriented one. Most of the bands playing are Swedish, but then you’ve got acts like The Wombats and – believe it or not – The Sex Pistols. Dunno what to think about that… I’ll probably watch them, but I don’t think I’m gonna over-enjoy it. Somehow “God Save The Queen” 30 years on doesn’t sound all that exciting to me.

    Finally, to get you back on the edge, I’ll let you know what I’m listening to at the moment (dunno if I still have the edge myself, though). One of my favourite bands at the moment is Cold War Kids. Play them if you can! Great stuff. I’ve also just gotten into The Helio Sequence, they sound great, remind me of good old James. Another tip for the future is the Swedish band Johnossi, they’re definitely worth checking out, they’ve just released their second album. I also like Kate Nash a lot, saw her live here in Stockholm a couple of weeks ago and it, she, was fabolous.

    There ya go! My thoughts on a sunny Thursday afternoon from the southern suburbs of Stockholm. Keep it up, stay on the air, buh-bye!

  • Micah Sherrill Says:

    hey noters,
    the show is always fantastic. one request, in vain i know, …. THE DORK REPORT? i miss lee’s dork report. i know those days are over, but i thought i would wine briefly about it. hope you guys are good. love that dvotchka song. i heard it in a film recently…. maybe ‘little miss sunshine’? show 77. the year i was born. good number. thanks for the shows.



  • hoss Says:

    wasssappening… just got ta say love the show. started listening somewhere around show 34.
    So i gotta say, I’m going to coachella and i feel i am very un-prepared. I know very few of the bands this time around and it’s kinda bumming me out. The bands i do know are mostly electro dance and i love that kind of music. like justice, uffie, datarock. And i will probably rock out to that stuff when I see them, but I mostly like to relax, ya know? with my high priced cup’o and chillax, ya know?

  • hoss Says:

    and music for the evening should be cystal castles (love and caring), and some menomena (boyscout’n) ya know.

  • Rob @ MSMZ Says:

    Hey Mitch,

    just wanted to say hi, it’s been a long long long while but i just thought i’d let you know i’m listening. Great show as always, i really need to make a new zion podcast sometime soon, also, if you’re up for it one day, i’d love to come on the show, although that depends if you want a hyperactive englishman shouting in the background for 1 hour.

    anyway, keep it up, as always,

    My Silver Mount Zion

  • Mason Says:

    Primavera Sound is going to be so great. Mitch didn’t even mention Cat Power, Public Enemy, Simian Mobile Disco, Caribou, Dinosaur Jr., Bob Mould, Stephen Malkmus, etc. etc. etc.

    If there was a Notes Underground hat I would totally wear it at that festival.

    I’ve been on a total music binge lately. Some impressive stuff recently:
    Lyrics Born
    new My Morning Jacket song
    Death Cab
    Wolf Parade
    Jaguar Love
    Frightened Rabbit (d/l “Old Old Fashioned” or “The Modern Leper”)

    okay damn I gotta stop…

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