NuMusic 79:Love Is All, Greenskeepers, Boyandroid, Amplive, The Zombies, The Hold Steady, & The Ting Tings

Love Is All – Busy Doing Nothing
Greenskeepers – Lotion
Boyandroid – Goodbye and Farewell
Amplive – Nude (remix)
The Zombies – The Way I feel Inside
The Hold Steady – Killer Parties
The Ting Tings – That’s Not My Name

6 Responses to “NuMusic 79:Love Is All, Greenskeepers, Boyandroid, Amplive, The Zombies, The Hold Steady, & The Ting Tings”

  • Brian Says:

    Mitch, my son Henry is now about 3 weeks old and we are moving right along. We are having lots of fun. I was nervous/worried before, but when it came time for us to take care of him, just like you said, we just did it and it seems easy and fun (did I say that already). Thanks for the advice guys. Ill try and tag a photo soon.

    Good music, The Avett Brothers was real real good.

  • JJ Says:

    new listener here, but love the hold steady featured on the podcast

    and also, as a comment on the comment above, the avett brothers aren’t good, they’re great

    i don’t know what you all listen to, but you should check out:
    break of reality

  • Rob @ MSMZ Says:

    Great show as per usual beachflies!

    Just a thing, I love the Bon Iver album too, but apparently its pronounced ‘Bon eever’.

    Dunno why i told you that. I think it’s cos im bored at work and you guys are getting me through my day. Cheers.

    New My Silver Mount Zion show is out btw, go check it out! :)

    Love and rockets,


  • Dan Says:

    SHEEEOOOOT! Mitch has caught the mumps everybody. So no podcast this week. And we have so much good stuff for the next one too… bummer.

    wish him a speedy recovery! And thanks for the reminder about Tinariwen, I’ve been meaning to play them, but i could never spell it properly enough to find it online! I’m hunting now to put it on the next show.


  • Aaron Says:


    Well, that’s pretty much the opposite of cool. Good luck with the ol’ immune system, Mitch.

    Always delighted to see what you guys have dug up for the next show.

  • Alex Says:

    Hey guys.. just letting you know who else is out here. Found you randomly searching one day; been listening for a few months. I love the show; a little less chatter and a little more music would be good, but you guys are fun to listen to so I don’t mind much.

    Me.. I live in an ivy league college city in New England. I’m not in school, and I don’t like the city, but the long term relationship I’m in has beached itself here – so here I am til we sort it out or implode. Besides that I perform in and create theater shows, usually involving physical acting styles (mask theater, physical comedy) or puppets (they’re really not just for kids). During the day I track construction submittals for projects at an architecture firm.

    One question: who are your favorite songwriters/bands that have great lyrics and music that fits them? Think Tom Waits, Pink Floyd, Arcade Fire… people with distinct visions and the skills to back them up.

    I’m not so on top of things that I have any solid recommendations that you won’t have heard of.. but two bands you might like are Dodos and Yeasayer. And if you missed them when they stormed through last year, Battles are pretty great.

    Sorry to be so long. Hope you get well soon Mitch and I can’t wait for the next show.

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