NuMusic 80:The Slicky Boys, BPA, Notwist, She and Him, Dntel, and Beck

The Slicky Boys – This Party Sucks
Brighton Port Authority (aka fat boy slim) – Toe Jam
The Notwist – Good Lies
She and Him – Why Do You Let Me Stay Here
Dntel – Turning Red
Beck – Diamond Dogs

3 Responses to “NuMusic 80:The Slicky Boys, BPA, Notwist, She and Him, Dntel, and Beck”

  • Lee the Dork Says:

    Hey Mitch…

    Small world. The Slicky Boys’ drummer is a DJ at, the station I also DJ at. It’s a 100 watt community station in Richmond VA. His name is Dan, and I’m sending him a link to your show with the enthusiastic Slicky Boys commentary. He called my show last night and I told him all about it. He wants to let their fan club dude know about it as well.

    Try to let me know when you’re recording the show next – maybe I can call in with a Dork report. I’ve gotten married and have a baby on they way – due Oct. 14th.

    Lee the Dork

  • Jamie Says:

    Great show. That Slickee Boys track was awesome! I also especially loved the Dntel track. I don’t know which myspace you were talking about, because he has 27,000 friends (not 29). Keep it up.


  • Cougar Says:

    Hey NU Crew,
    I sent you some recommendations for 81, hope you like them.

    And I can’t remember if you said anything during the show, but She & Him is made up of actress Zooey Deschanel (vocals, piano, banjo) and musician M. Ward (guitar, production)…pretty cool!

    Keep up the great work!


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