NuMusic 82: dEUS, Dub Trio, Fatboy Slim, Falco, Half Man Half Biscuit, & The Dandy Warhols

dEUS – The Architect
Dub Trio – Fick what you heard
Fatboy Slim – Sesame Street Techno
Falco – Rock Me Amadeus
FalfMan HalfBiscuit – National Shite Day
The Dandy Warhols – The World Come On

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  • Piyush Says:

    Hey guys, great show.

    You mentioned itunes on your show and its lack of DRM-free mp3s. I just wanted to point out another online music service called emusic ( which i have recently joined. I get 40 tracks per month for $12, which is much cheaper than itunes. While it doesn’t have some stuff from the major labels, there is a lot of great music on there. For example in the last couple of months I’ve downloaded: Vampire weekend, Tapes n Tapes, Okkervil River, the Mountain Goats, M. Ward, the Walkmen and My Morning Jacket.

  • Aaron Says:

    Welcome back, you magnificent bastards!

    Loved most of it – especially dEUS. . .but I’ll have to take the dare; Dub Trio didn’t quite do it for me. It wasn’t bad by any means, but I had the constant sensation of being ready for vocals to kick in the next bar. . .and then they didn’t.

    Also, back about digital music and compression; there being a “right and a wrong way” is a course, but basically true, summary of what I was saying about digital compression.

    The other step of significance is the final conversion back to an analog signal to drive a speaker. The particular component responsible for this is called a DAC (Digital-to-Analogue Converter). If you’re playing from a computer, you want a sound card with a high quality DAC.

    Keep rockin’

  • Aaron Says:

    Whoa, I somehow missed the tech discussion at the end of the episode the first time, I must have run out of commute before I ran out of podcast.

    Anyway, you don’t actually need to use a CD-R to get silly DRM off of your iTunes tracks. Install some virtual drive software like d-tools, then have iTunes burn your CD to a virtual drive on your machine. Then use something like ISOBuster to load that data file as a drive, and point your ripper at it. Much faster & easier.

    Of course, even more recommended is vote against DRM with your wallet and buy your tracks from someplace that doesn’t have DRM to start with. I find Amazon’s music store highly respectable;

  • Eric Says:

    Hey guys, the sesame street track has nothing to do with Fatboy Slim, it’s by the Smart E’s and it’s called Sesame’s Treet (from 92 or 93). Also, “indian summer” refers to a period when there is a summer-like climate after summer has actually ended. Otherwise, great show.

  • Martin Says:

    Hey guys.

    Just writing to let you know that you’ve got some loyal fans left… liked the latest episode, as always a good mix of tunes and banter. I particularly dug the Sesame Street song, I know I’ve heard it before but it must’ve been 15 years ago or so (Eric’s probably right about the year). Always nice with a little blast from the past.

    I gotta tell ya: I’ve started dj:ing. I’ve only done it twice so far, but I really like it… apart from doing it here, is that something you guys have tried? I like the thought of playing good music to the unknowing masses… or whatever.

    Keep it up guys, hope to hear from you again soon.

    …and by the way, I’m gonna get me one of those thingies that you’ve got Mitch, I think they’re called “daughters”. Scary and thrilling stuff.

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