NuMusic 83: TV on The Radio, Ra Ra Riot, Fanfarlo, DJ Shadow, Dosh, Circus Devils, Oh You Horney Monster

Sorry for the long wait everyone. Look out for the turkey slam in a couple weeks where Dan and Mitch have a face off to see who picks better music.

check out this weeks playlist:
TV On The Radio – Golden Age
Ra Ra Riot – Dying is Fine
Fanfarlo – Harold T. Wilkins
DJ Shadow – Radiohead The Gloaming remix
Dosh – If You Want To You Have To
Circus Devils – The Girls Will Make It Happen
Oh You Horny Monster

4 Responses to “NuMusic 83: TV on The Radio, Ra Ra Riot, Fanfarlo, DJ Shadow, Dosh, Circus Devils, Oh You Horney Monster”

  • BJ from SheVegas! Says:

    This is SO five months ago…Madison? I lived there for 5 years. Two music stories…Hootie and Blowfish used to play there several times a year, before they were popular. One summer, they pulled out of a gig last minute, and a week later they were triple platinum. Story two…we lived across the street from a dive-bar called Rock and Roll Station. One night, they had a band (not uncommon) that had an $8 cover (very uncommon). I didn’t go in, too pricey for a college kid. I am still stunned that I didn’t hang with the 300 people that heard all the songs on “Ten” that Pearl Jam made famous later that year.

    Back listening, great new shows. BTW – Silversun Pickups were in a GMC commercial, national TV, a year after you had them on. No one knew what I was talking about. Thx for making me more musically experienced than my peers.

    Ann Arbor is a bee-ach.

  • dan Says:

    Great show, been listening since, um i dont remember, show 20 or so. Just wanted to clear up a few things about AirTunes and the AirPort Express. You shouldn’t experience any significant degradation in sound quality using iTunes/Airport/AirportExpress/Airtunes. The only lossy bit occurs when you go from CD to iTunes (depends on bit-rate) but can be eliminated using apple lossless encoding. Unfortunatly songs you buy in mp3 from emusic or amazon or aac from apple are already compressed and you have no control there. The behind-the-scenes part in playing songs from iTunes on your PC to the AirportExpress is completely lossless save for the D-A conversion at the end, which inevitably introduces a bit of conversion noise, but you can improve this by using the digital optical out on the AirportExpress and a better D-A converter. With records, the noise you pick up is usually worse technically, but less offensive.

    Mitch, I can dig what you’re saying about TVOTR, it seems like each album, they get sooooo close, but slightly miss the mark. Still a HUGE fan though, catch em live when you can, non-stop rock. I give Dear Science maybe a 8.5/10, they could have trimmed it a bit and made it the best EP ever. But hey, good show nonetheless and keep it up.

  • Malcolm Mayfield Says:

    I think the name you were after was Charo.
    Keep up the great podcasts.

  • gavin Says:

    i have been wanting to address your selection of a Bombay Bicycle Club song from long ago. I don’t know the name of the song you chose, but of all the songs available online, that was their worst. I am a massive fan of them, and feel like an NME arsehole by using the words next best thing, but i think they may just be that. They wrote most these songs when they were 16 or so, and have talent beyond their years. Go see them live, they play in London a lot (they come from the north weezee).
    so here’s their songs:
    How are you:

    and they’re all on hype machine. they deserve another play.

    p.s. love the show, blah blah. seriously. you have THE best radio show. well played on the kid too.

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