NuMusic 84: The Turkey Slam!… The Bellamy Brothers, Fleet Foxes, The Lonely H, Thom Yorke, Kings of Leon, David Byrne and Bryan Eno, & The Death Set

The Turkey Slam is here!

Vote on this weeks favourite between:
A) Fleet Foxes – Winter Hymnal
– or -
B) The Lonely H – Goin’ Out West

and here is the overall playlist:
The Bellamy Brothers – Let Your Love Flow
Fleet Foxes – Winter Hymnal
The Lonely H – Goin’ Out West
Thom Yorke – Harrowdown Hill (logic jump remix)
Kings Of Leon – Beneath The Surface
David Byrne and Bryan Eno – Strange Overtones
The Death Set – Negative

see you in a couple weeks!

mitch and dan

9 Responses to “NuMusic 84: The Turkey Slam!… The Bellamy Brothers, Fleet Foxes, The Lonely H, Thom Yorke, Kings of Leon, David Byrne and Bryan Eno, & The Death Set”

  • Pola Says:

    Hey Guys,

    Wow. It’s hard to believe how long I’ve been listening to the podcast – over 3 years now – and I’ve never been inspired enough to write in. All the pleading for audio comments didn’t even get me moving (you have full permission to imitate my voice mitch).Alas, this epic showdown of a head-to-head song-off has finally inspired me so…….I have to give it to the Fleet Foxes pick.

    I must admit, Fleet Foxes only won by a hair. I’m sure had I listened to the show on a day when I felt less ponder-some I would have gone with the Lonely H.

    thanks for keeping it real,

    p.s. Bring Dr. Spence back, he was wicked

  • Aaron Says:

    As always, it made my day that there was a new NU out to listen to. It is of vital importance that you guys continue to find time to rock out and share the musicz.

    Speaking of reverb, – your mics had some wicked echo that was pretty distracting. I hope you give the equipment an appropriate kick in the nuts when you get a chance.

    As for Turkey slam, I also found both songs good, but I have to hand it to Fleet Foxes too. That’s almost cheating, though – because really, pound for pound what beats Fleet Foxes as a single track? You’d have to dig up Leonard Cohen or something of similar caliber.

  • arseface01 Says:

    my vote: song B – Lonely H

    I think this should be a running theme in each episode.


    PS-let the gays get married. Why should we be the only ones to suffer?

  • Bardamu Says:

    Fleet Foxes, but only by default. I really didn’t enjoy the other song. I love the podcast however, and always look forward to listening to it while I pretend to work.

    I’m sure you’ve already heard it since they’re from London, but if not check out Florence and the Machine’s cover of CWK’s Hospital Beds.


  • Tin Says:

    Fleet Foxes is unbeatable usually, but it was a kind of obvious song to feature (especially here in the UK where it’s been all over the radio!) and I just loved The Lonely H – on my own… I felt like I was partying! Mitch picked it, I reckon ;) Tin

  • Martin Says:

    Hey guys.

    I hadn’t heard any of the songs you played, but I must say that I preferred the Fleet Foxes one. So… I guess the score is now 4 to 2 in their favour. Another guess is that Mitch picked that track… just a hunch. :)

    I haven’t provided you with any Swedish music for a while now, I think I’m gonna send some myspace links to artists I like at the moment. One of my absolute favourites right now is a guy called Joel Alme, another great artist from the town of Gothenburg. They’ve got something going on there, I tell ya. Lots of great bands, lots of great rock’n'roll.

    On another note: I’ve just discovered Vampire Weekend and started listening to their album. I really like it so far, can’t understand why I didn’t start listening to them sooner. I know that you guys have mentioned them, and that’s always a sign of quality. :)

    Keep it up.


  • Dean Says:

    Haven’t listened to this one yet but have a long car journey ahead of me and checked in to see if I could queue up another 1 or 2 but, well, so much for “seeya’s in two weeks.” Going on a month now guys!

    Im not usually one to look a gift horse in the mouth but, well, COME ON!

    Yours sincerely,

    New Zealand

  • hoss Says:

    wow bra! lets get this ball rolling. i feel like i am missing out when i don’t get to hear ya’ll voices. if you guys dont have time for the podcast, maybe you could start doing some musical blogging for pete’s sake.

    an so that you know its time to do a end of the year top 10 of 2008.

    a good one you best concider is ‘Metronomy” Dig IT!

    hoss from cali, eagerly anticipating your return.

  • hoss Says:

    oh, and definitly fleet foxes. I think that would be a dan track.

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