NuMusic 85: enough of the long titles already

Sorry for the delay everyone. My MOTU 896HD blew up again so I had to pull it out of the setup and send to the shop. The sound is a little better than the last show, but it’s not PRO quality. Hopefully I’ll get the MOTU back soon. I decided to clean up the joint a little as a make good for the long break. let me know what you think about the new site. And of course…

Thanks For Listening,

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Songs On This Show

Primus – Jerry Was A Racecar Driver
Metronomy – Heartbreaker
Deastro – Michael, The Lone Archer of the North Shore
Tin Man – Don’t Know How To Say I’m Sorry

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Florence & The machine – Kiss With A Fist
Moonshed – Puppet
Emergency – Columbo

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9 Responses to “NuMusic 85: enough of the long titles already”

  • Dan Says:

    WOOO HOOO!!!
    Beautiful new website!!!
    Great show, Good fun, Keep voting everybody!

  • Rob@MSMZ Says:

    Hey guys, great show! :D

    (liking the new website too)

  • Andrew Says:

    Especially good show! Long time listener (I was on your frapper map long ago) first time contributor. I have been loving a band called “The Samuel Jackson Five” out of Oslo lately, especially tunes from their album “Easily Misunderstood”. Not necessarily “Nu”, but still good and fresh to my ears.

    Also, definitely go listen to Pt. Juncture Wa (the band of course) from Portland OR. They recently put out a new album called “Heart to Elk”. Excellent! Reminds me of a combination of Broken Social Scene & Yo La Tengo with sweet lady vocals and interesting song progressions. They are one of my favorite live bands. Please play them on your next show.

    Dan, what do you do for a living? Curious from your executive lifestyle comment last show.

    (thanks for fixing the CAPTCHA)

  • Brian Says:

    Hey guys, I just wanted to comment on the whole idea of new tracks getting lost within your iTunes library never to surface again. If you have iTunes you can create a new smart playlist and set the parameters to your personal preference. I have a playlist marked “Recently Added” that compiles all songs that have been added to my iTunes within 2 months from the current date (excluding podcasts). You should try it out, I use it all the time and its a good way to keep track of your new music.


  • Cougar Says:

    Hey NU Crew,
    Wanted to let you know I’m cooking up a good email for you for NU86, and also would like to let you know I will leave an audio comment for NU100, whenever that might be. Another great show from my favorite podcast of all-time! Keep on truckin’,

    P.S. Any chance of Dr. Spence and/or Lee the Dork in the near future?

  • Sir Pent Says:

    We are Lizards From Afar. We are a virtual band with all the members living in different cities and sharing files online.
    We’d like to be included in your podcast.
    In return we’ll give you some shout-outs on our blog and myspace and all the mockery you can stomach.

    Our music is Free to all here:

    Find out all about us at these sites:

    Email us at:

    Sir Pent
    Drummer of Lizards From Afar

  • Dean Says:

    I don’t know if I’m missing something here but it looks like I can’t just save the mp3 to my pc? I see the link to save it to itunes, but I dont use an ipod… so I dont have itunes… (I have a creative Zen Vision M) so… ahhh… yeah… hook me up?

    • Mitch McAlister Says:

      i just added the link. for you.
      there is still a way to pull the podcast feed into another reader for the Zen, but if you like the download link, I will leave it in there. No skin off my back.

  • Aaron Says:

    Kickass show, as always, and I agree with the props – the new WP theme is good, and the links are handy. Keep rockin’.

    Have to say, though Thumbs down to both Turkey-Slam tracks. I can only assume you guys were trying to go easy on each other.

    Hopefully someone brings the pain in #86. :)

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