NuMusic 86: Thawing out

OK last show without the MOTU. I was in LA for 3 weeks so we couldn’t do a new show. This one was recorded with the pinhole mic on my machine. The sound on the version that Dan and I recorded together gets a little choppy and the timing is a bit off, so I have decided to leave that as a seperate download for those of you are are interested to hear what we were talking about anyway.

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Songs On This Show

Animal Collective – My Girls
Eef Barxelay – Numerolog
Jay Retard – See Saw
Fukk Offf – Raven Is King

—- Nigerian Guinness Super Challenge —-

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Samuel Jackson 5 – Skin Flick Dress Rehersal

click to download the MP3
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here’s the deluxe version with Dan and I yapping

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