South By Southwest Special (with guest Chris Tarantino)

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Show Notes:
South by Southwest website –
Controller Controller Website –
This Microwave World Website –
Epo – 555 Website –
Lansing Dreiden Website –
Wolfmother Website –
Dears Website –

5 Responses to “South By Southwest Special (with guest Chris Tarantino)”

  • Jonathan Mardukas Says:

    Great Information about South by Southwest, song selection was key, which made the show even better. I look forward to future shows with Chris Tarantino

  • Katie Hawbaker Says:

    The URL for Lansing Dreiden is actually Impt. to check out their site — they have a visual arts background and it’s super tied into the band’s identity. They’re fantastic.

  • Mitch McAlister Says:

    Thanks Johnathan,
    Chris will be joining us in a couple weeks to give a breakdown of what to see at The Coachella Vally Music and Arts Festival at the end of April. The feedback is great, keep it coming.


  • Mitch McAlister Says:

    Thanks For the Heads Up Katie,
    I fixed the link. the website is great, although I’m not sure I completely get it. It looks like the kinda thing that requires a couple pass overs to really understand, and that’s what makes them so interesting. Definatly not a one hit superstar band. These guys have some depth.


  • Scott Says:

    I have 3 Arcade Fire tracks which I downloaded from their website in July 2004. All 3 are from their EP. They are no longer available on the site due to bandwidth issues. I would be happy to send them to you if you think that you can play them.
    Listener from Ottawa Canada

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