Nu Music 89: Revival in LA

Time to get this train moving again. This week Alex White joins in for some killer music recommendations. Thanks for hangin in there with us.

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here’s this weeks playlist:
Them Crooked Vultures – No One Love Me and Neither Do I
Pyramiddd (starfucker) – Holly
White Rabbits – Fox Hunting
Savoir Adore – MERP
Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeroes – Home
Suckers – It Gets Your Body Movin
Sleigh Bells – Ring Ring
Monsters Of Folk – Temezcal

20 Responses to “Nu Music 89: Revival in LA”

  • Aaron Says:

    Fan-fucking-tastic! I haven’t even listened yet, but I’m glad to see you’re not dead, and getting back to the podcast, LA style. Your absence was noticed.

  • Andrew Says:

    I am excited to have you back! Glad you didn’t give up on us without a proper send off. Hope things are going well in California.

  • Pola Says:

    Hooray! You literally had me dancing in the subway, what a great show. You have no idea how happy I am that notes is back.

  • Dylan Says:

    Great show! I loved every selection.

    Consider me out of the loop, but I had never heard of Groove Shark before this show. THANK YOU! I’ve been looking for something like that for a long time.

    Keep it up, we all appreciate the time you put in to the show! Looking forward to the next one.

  • Travis Says:

    Glad to see you back and running. Great show. maybe for your next show you can play some Harlem Shakes. Great band I have been listening to.

  • Travis Says:

    I had to come back and just let you know two things:
    1. Daytrotter has a free iphone app. AWESOME
    2. The iphone app is also one of my favorites.

    Also, a friend of mine has a band based in NYC called Jigsaw Soul. Please check them out as well. Thanx again for the podcasts helping me through the day.

  • Dean Wilson Says:

    Bout time!!

    Thanks guys (in advance)


  • Martin Says:


    I was trying to be the modern guy posting here on my Iphone, but that didn’t work out too well, it’s been processing now for five minutes or so, so I guess it won’t work. I will have to do this the oldfashioned way, apparently.

    Anyway, it’s really nice to hear from you again, Mitch! It’s been a while, needless to say. Promise you won’t wait eight months to the next one? :-)

    Hope you’re doing fine with the family in the California sun, it sounds so from your statements in #89. Loved that comment about your daughter calling you her buddy, that was heart-warming. I’ve actually become a dad myself, and I can’t wait for the day when my daughter actually begins to speak. She’s nine months now, so I guess I’m gonna have to wait some time still.

    In Stockholm it’s dark, cold and most of all, snowy. It’s been coming down like mad here for the past week or so, it was a couple of years since we saw this much snow. Looks like we’re in for a White Christmas, that’ll be nice.

    I enjoyed the show and I must say the standout track for me was the Savoir Adore one, they sounded interesting. Maybe I’ll check them out in the future. Also been listening to some Smashing Pumpkins lately and re-discovering their old stuff after you mentioned them. They were actually one of my favourite bands back when as well, I remember that I got “Gish” for Christmas, guess it would’ve been like ‘93 or something. I heard “Siamese Dream” first and then went back in time to “Gish”. Good stuff! I really like the slow stuff, like “Siva” and “Mayonaise” and the epic “Starla”. Now I’m gonna quit ranting about them.

    I’m gonna try and find some nice music to send you, I still think that you haven’t played anything in Swedish on the show. That has got to change! I know you’ve played plenty of Swedish artists, but none who actually sang in our native tongue. Me fix! :-)

    Again: wonderful to have you back, wish you the best for the holidays!

  • Hoss Says:

    Welcome back to Cali.
    Since your disappearance I’ve been forced to find all my own music, which is very time consuming.
    I have gotten by with music blog posts on hype machine. (namely ‘pop tarts suck toasted’.) here’s a track from me to you.

    Oberhofer – Dead girls dance

    This young man resides in Brooklyn, and from what I’ve read, he records and plays each instrument himself. The music he makes is very infective, and would be good for a stroll, or road trip.

    o’ , also a website that does many Unique acoustic video’s of many indie labeled bands is ‘’ its in french. but click on the archives and a list of bands will pop up.
    including, white rabbits (which I now like, amazing!), arcade fire, phoenix, and joints like that. enjoy

    till next show

  • Martin Says:

    PS. Have you got Spotify? And are you able to play songs from there? Would be great to hook you up with a playlist of some of my favourite artists at the moment. I really love this thing, Spotify that is, to actually be able to have all the music in the world (or, close) in your palm, it’s almost overwhelming. Anyway, let me know if you’re a Spotifier and I’ll send you some playlists! DS.

  • Hoss Says:

    even easier for la blogotheque vid’s is

  • Julian Says:

    Hey hey,
    This is your long lost listener that used to call in from France. I’ve relocated stateside in the intervening years, much like yourself. I have been enjoying the shows but have been negligent in commenting. Blogotheque is definitely worth checking out as Hoss noted. Here are a couple of tracks with some international vibe:

    Fool’s Gold- “Surprise Hotel”

    Soulico- “Put Em Up”

    They’re different from a lot of the stuff you play but I kinda dig on it. I have no idea what any of the lyrics in either song are about. I can’t wait for your next show.

    happy christmas/new year

  • Kiwi Andy Says:

    Hey guys, stoked to have you back! I’ve finally got a chance to listen to podcasts again and am so glad you’re still going.
    Your discussion about the community side of podcasting got me thinking about what a terrible contributor I’ve been lately. Must do better…

    • Chainz Says:

      Speaking of contributing, how would I do that? I can’t find an email address anywhere on the site or is it all done through these comments?
      If so, here’s my recommendation:
      The Phoenix Foundation – Nest Egg
      Not exactly new music but I love it.
      Thanks for continually producing the best podcasts ever.

  • galloche Says:

    Salut !
    just to say I like what ur doing and your playlist :) !
    Cheers from France !

  • Harrington Says:

    Love it

  • Lee the Dork Says:

    The videogame on your phone/blackberry with the bricks – you’re either thinking of Arkenoid (my favorite) or Breakout.

    Lee the Dork, 5 months late.

  • mrd Says:

    New music please… I’ve already been through entire archive once, don’t make me do it again.

  • Martin Says:

    Where aaaaare you? Come back soon!

  • Chrysti Walters Says:


    This is Chrysti Walters the Independent Music Coordinator at Platform One Entertainment a music and event marketing company based out of Chicago. I would like to introduce myself and let you know I’m a big fan of Notes Underground. There are many bands we’re currently working with in which we feel would fit in well with your podcast community, however, I wanted to let you know about one of our new Indie pop bands, Izabo.

    They are a from Tel Aviv, Israel but will be making their American
    debut in October at CMJ. They have a sound that is similar to Hockey,
    Asteroids Galaxy Tour, and The Ting Tings. Check out the video for the
    first single, “On My Way,” off of their new album at the link below:

    I’d love to hear your thoughts and if you would like to offer them any podcast play we’d greatly appreciate this.


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