NotesUnderground(w/ ZR, BB, & CT) shelac, epo-555, Alkaline Trio, Boulette, The Comas

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Show Notes:
Shellac – Watch Song
Theory of Everything – Show 22 , the Yoda episode(Benjamin Walker’s Podcast)
epo-555 – Dakota(artist website)
Alkaline Trio – 97
Bullette – Show Me (Artist website)
The Comas – Pins For Lose Geographies(artist website)

6 Responses to “NotesUnderground(w/ ZR, BB, & CT) shelac, epo-555, Alkaline Trio, Boulette, The Comas”

  • Funtime Ben Says:

    Just wanted to say I really enjoyed the show. The bit of Theory of Everything was perfect and the dynamic between all the hosts really made me laugh. It made my gym time dangerous as gigantic men in leotards though I was laughing at them. Awesome!

  • eric Says:

    hey guys, just wanted to let you know that i been enjoying your shows, they are a lot of fun to listen to. also, wanted to let you know about a band called The Advantage. they are a Nintendo cover band but they are far far better than the minibosses imo. they have some pod safe tracks on their webpage, — these are pretty good tracks but the ones on the album are a good deal better. check it out.

  • Mitch McAlister Says:

    Thanks for the input Eric,
    We’ll try to get one of those tracks in on tonights show.


  • Monika Bullette Says:

    Thanks so much for playing “Show Me”!


  • Mitch McAlister Says:

    NO NO NO… Thank you! We’re all in this together, so one good favor deserves another. You’re exactaly the kind of artist that we want to support, so thank you for letting us play your music.

    When are you playing in Los Angeles?


  • Cougar Says:

    Hey what song is at the beginning of this episode? “Can you hear it? Are you sleeping? Or not at all…” Something like that.

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