nuMusic 19: Seth Third Son of Albert, Bombhappies, Lucid Nation, Loquat, Ox, Clue to Kalo, Doubledoor, and Cezanne

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Show Notes:
Bombhappies – Madness
Lucid Nation – Cayote
Loquat – Take It Back
Ox – Carolinah
Clue to Kalo – So Far Away But I Can Hear You From Here (A birthday present for Cybele)
Doubledoor – She Won’t Go
Seth Third Son of Albert – pretendingicanwrite
Cezanne – I’ve got so much

4 Responses to “nuMusic 19: Seth Third Son of Albert, Bombhappies, Lucid Nation, Loquat, Ox, Clue to Kalo, Doubledoor, and Cezanne”

  • bryan hughes Says:

    that lucid nation stuff is awesome, but you are assholes for showing it to me. thanks for forcing me to spend my last money until payday on cds instead of gas

  • Funtime Ben Says:

    Outstanding show fellers.

    I think one point you missed (or I missed) in regards to music podcasting is that artists seem to be cool with people playing their music, but record labels are very skittish about allowing their music be played. I think the distinction should be made between creative people and the suits. Creatives seem to get personal expression, which all music is by nature, and are cool with people making creative use of their material. It’s the labels (middlemen) who are worried about the business side and are afraid of creating cash leaks that affect their bottom line.

    I think we have to keep repeating that podcasts are creative expression, just like creating music. This isn’t stringing songs together, it isn’t file trading, it isn’t copyright infringement. It’s personal expression. Somehow the guys in suits, who have been told by young guys in suits that podcasting is cool, are trying to make it seem like they know what podcasting is about and how to do it. But nobody, not even king Curry has a clue what podcasing is about.

    We have to be the pioneers, because they will always be the followers and they know it. They can’t take the risks we take. They will be playing catch-up forever.

    (Wow, what a rant!)

    Oh and I totally had that Cezanne track in the vault for my next show. Great minds right?

  • Starkweather Says:

    Great show, kids. But you’re killing me with the Iverson bashing. Hoyas rule. Even when they suck. Feeling a little beat up from the week that’s passed so I have no special insights. I did think this is the best yet.

  • Rob @ MSMZ Says:

    i am so stupidly behind on my casts, but i just listened to like 4 of yours in a row. you still rock. umm, got nothing to say but hi


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