NuMusic 23: Cagey House, Film School, Red Cassette, Tom Waits, RockFour, Despistado, Xiu Xiu

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Show Notes:

Cagey House – The Shnay Speaks(submitted by the artist David Keifer)
Film School – Activated
Red Cassette – Raise a Glass For Your Favourite Guise (submitted by David Pye on behalf of the artist)
Tom Waits – Book of Moses
RockFour – Only One (submitted by Alex ‘cougar’ White)
Despistado – A Stirstick’s Prediction
Xiu Xiu – Bog People

5 Responses to “NuMusic 23: Cagey House, Film School, Red Cassette, Tom Waits, RockFour, Despistado, Xiu Xiu”

  • Lena Says:

    I remember! I remember! That weird porn was called “Lord of the G-String.” A throbbit named Dildo Saggins is on a mission to destoy the powerful and evil g-string. The wizard’s name is Smirnoff. I think Dildo blows him. And yes, it was awesome.

  • Zack Says:

    Dildo was a female throbbit. It wasn’t gay porn.

  • Piyush Says:


    listening to your last show – check out which is pretty similar to the “people who bought this album also bought this” functionality on amazon – except it uses a plugin for your media player. It’s way cool.

  • Andrew Balls Says:

    Well…… you don’t belive me about me using my internal mic on my ibook. I would phone you when you are recording your cast but it would be three in the morning here. but what i could do is ichat with you through the said microphone and play you a song live! would that prove it?

    Thanks for playing my track by the way!
    Red Cassette

  • bryan Says:

    whoa. this show was like a mirror or a mix cd i made for a drive through california last week.

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