nuInterview 4: live performance with Silversun Pickups

Show Notes:
Live performance with Silversun Pickups

… All The Go Inbetweens
Rusted Wheel
Creation Lake
Lazy Eye
Bobby’s Riff (Notes Underground Exclusive)

Mitch and I (and our girlfriends at the time, Shhhhhhh!) went to a show in Ventura to see Modest Mouse play. Good show. Great opening act – The Helio Sequence. They blew the doors off the place. I was floored to see two guys make so much sound. It was one of those surprises that keeps you going out to shows even when the novelty of being out that late fades, and you would rather, more often than not, stay home and rest. I bought some albums at the show and Mitch and I were hooked. Helio Sequence came out with their next release on Subpop (great label!) and their supporting tour landed had them playing at Spaceland in Silverlake, Ca. Mitch, who is always more on top of who is playing when, started bugging me weeks in advance. I wanted to go but I am always broke and I, as I mentioned earlier, like my rest. The night of the show Mitch loads me and our respective new (and current) girlfriends in to his Honda and drives us over to Spaceland for what I was sure was going to be a great night of music. Like all shows you spend your money on there is a sense of expectation that colors the night. This was no different. I was stoked and I was drinking. Overall, good show. Great opening band – The Silversun Pickups. The local boys Silversun Pickups stole the show that night with a crunchy guitar driven yet syrupy melodic sound. I bought their EP and reveled in the fact that I had a great unheard-of-band that I could introduce to the select few I deemed worthy of such knowledge. Fast-forward a year; Mitch hoodwinks the Pickups into coming onto the show and playing a set for us. Suckers!

The rest is history. We drank whiskey, ate pizza and rocked out to one of LA’s finest. A great time was had by all and music was made. Thanks to Brian, Christopher, Nikki and Joe (the newest members of the Notes family) for their time and creativity and Meghan for putting this together with Mitch. Thanks to Oliver Hild from NuMusic 20 for the bad-ass sound engineering and friendship. Enjoy the show!


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