nuMusic 27: Group Sounds, Gang of Four, Rosebuds,Mitch &Dan, I Am Kloot

Show Notes:
Group Sounds – Business Before Pleasure (Zack’s pick)
Gang of Four – Damaged Goods (Zack’s pick)
Rosebuds – Blue Bird
Mitch & Dan – Fire Dragon
I Am Kloot – Over My Shoulder (featured on a 2001 compilation titled We Love You So Love Us Too from “Wall of Sound” records; Mitch’s pick)

2 Responses to “nuMusic 27: Group Sounds, Gang of Four, Rosebuds,Mitch &Dan, I Am Kloot”

  • Emily Says:

    besides my love for music, i was drawn to your podcast becuse you guys talk so damn much, i dont know why, but its really amusing to listen to you guys talk

    and the harry potter thing in this podcast …was a little creepy-

    just thought i’d share some love, and yes, i did vote for you on podcast alley

  • Mitch McAlister Says:

    Thanks for the vote Emily!
    You got us into the #16 spot in the music/radio category. Should we enter ourselves in the we talk too damn much category too? What about the creepy harry potter rip offs category?


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