nu Interview 5: Space Mtn

Show Notes:
The Bright Side
Just Like No One

4 Responses to “nu Interview 5: Space Mtn”

  • Jason Says:

    For some reason these shows aren’t updating in WinAmp’s podcasting feature. It doesn’t seem to be reading the RSS Feed properly. It stops at Episode 29. 30 and NuInterview 5 haven’t shown up.

  • malcolm Says:

    tell andrew: the future is fresno. ask him: what rhymes with kobold.

  • Jerry.Lee Says:

    Just listened to this one. It is great to see a great indie band like Space MTN turning up on Notes UG. Very cool live performances and chats.

    Thanks!! Luv SPCMTN! :)

  • markus Says:

    thanks for pointing me to this.. even subscribed to buy for the first time via itms.. just for them (am in europe)..

    keep it up guys..

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