NuMusic 33: Monsters Are Waiting, Toby 1, Asamov, Blackalicious, & Mark Lanegan

Show Notes:
Monsters Are Waiting – Christine (mitch pick)
Toby 1 – 7×7 (Matt Pick)
Asamov – Seven (Submitted by Edinson Bolivar)
Blackalicious – My Pen and Pad (dedicated to Zack)
Mark Lanegan – Cripple Creek (dedicated to Bobby)

4 Responses to “NuMusic 33: Monsters Are Waiting, Toby 1, Asamov, Blackalicious, & Mark Lanegan”

  • QB Weight Says:

    please check out the phenomenon that is ENOBI. With an international fanbase from the US, Japan and Europe, this hip hop starlet is a force to be reckoned with.

  • Olyester Says:

    I saw Monsters are Waiting at Club Moscow on Weds nite! They rocked along with another band called The Mighty 690 who sounded kinda like the Smiths. I believe the guitar player from Monsters are Waiting is the former guitar player from EVE 6! Radical right? No one likes a whiner! I’ll shutup. The Toby 1 stuff is hot too! Shutting up. Bye.

  • Dave Says:

    You gotta checkout Repotoids. Hot chicks from Chicago that REALLY rock. LOVE THE SHOW!!!

  • Diana Wright Says:

    Recording artist ENOBI announced that she will be visiting Philly for the first time ever. She will be promoting her blazing album, Girly’s Revenge and hitting a few hot spots. “Ive always wanted to visit Philly-its so close to New York which is where im from,” Enobi stated in an interview this morning. “I will be visiting with my fans and local dj’s. Ill also be hosting a party, performing at a private function and doing a few radio promos. And I have a few friends that I want to see.” When asked the identity of her friends she elusively stated that one is a female friend from grade school, one is a NFL player and the last is a NBA player all who remain nameless. That leaves us with the question, IS ENOBI DATING A SIXER OR A EAGLE??? When asked this question, ENOBI just smiled coyly and stated that she was single. I dont know if im convinced. Enobi is definalety the type of trophy that a professional athlete would love to have on their arm. If she is single, shes got millions of men, including myself, breathing a sigh of relief. Enobi is beautiful and talented, any man would be blessed to have her in his life. I think any Philly resident can agree, as long as shes not dating that traitor Terrell Owens, we are happy.

    A fun fact about Enobi is that she is also an accomplished actress and writer. She has written many books of poetry; as well as many short stories and screen plays.
    She has appeared in several independant films, a few commercials and an off broadway production.

    Look for ENOBI in an upcoming issues of VIBE, JEZEBEL and OZONE magazine. And look for a remix album featuring Nas to hit the streets this winter.

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