NuMusic 40: Pinback, Eletrelane, Moments of T, Caleb Stein, & Mogwai

Show Notes:

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  • Kiwi Andy Says:

    Hey great show, you guys make a good podcasting team.

    The discussion on moving to London was pretty interesting as I’m thinking about doing things the other way round – New Zealand to dirty ol’ Utah.

    Keep the good tunes coming! I hope the mysterious crackle sorts itself out, maybe it’s a tracking signal being sent down your USB adapter by the TV Taxers?

  • David Pye Says:

    Hey Mitch, nice show, it was great to hear from Renica!
    Loved your conversation about the UK and “TV Tax”, I think you’ll find it’s called the TV License, and it’s paid by us in the UK so people all around the world can marvel at the “high” quality of the BBC cos that’s where the money goes.
    It’s how come the BBC doesn’t show adverts. I too use a USB TV situation, but I’m not sure if that actually means you don’t have to pay TV TAX so look into it!
    ANYWAYS love the show as always! Looking forward to maybe meeting your yanky ass one day!

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