Oct 20 2008

NuMusic 83: TV on The Radio, Ra Ra Riot, Fanfarlo, DJ Shadow, Dosh, Circus Devils, Oh You Horney Monster

Sorry for the long wait everyone. Look out for the turkey slam in a couple weeks where Dan and Mitch have a face off to see who picks better music.

check out this weeks playlist:
TV On The Radio – Golden Age
Ra Ra Riot – Dying is Fine
Fanfarlo – Harold T. Wilkins
DJ Shadow – Radiohead The Gloaming remix
Dosh – If You Want To You Have To
Circus Devils – The Girls Will Make It Happen
Oh You Horny Monster

Sep 10 2008

NuMusic 82: dEUS, Dub Trio, Fatboy Slim, Falco, Half Man Half Biscuit, & The Dandy Warhols

dEUS – The Architect
Dub Trio – Fick what you heard
Fatboy Slim – Sesame Street Techno
Falco – Rock Me Amadeus
FalfMan HalfBiscuit – National Shite Day
The Dandy Warhols – The World Come On

Jul 24 2008

NuMusic 81:Guns N Roses, Morning Benders, Calexico, Speaker Junk, ytcracker, & Emiliana Torrini

Guns N Roses – Chinese Democracy
Morning Benders – Love All
Calexico – The Guns of Brixton
Speaker Junk – Foxxy Lady remix
Ytcracker – Dig Dug
Emiliana Torrini – Me and Armini