Final Show in London

Mitch McAlister

NOVEMBER 20, 2009
Nu Music 88: The last UK show resurrected

Hey Everyone…
Sorry for the long long long long long delay. I guess it took me longer than I expected to get my shit together. I had some technical issues DURING the recording of the last UK show, and haven’t managed to rebuild my system until recently. Now that it’s all back together I think it’s time to post a few more shows. This one here was supposed to be a long one, but the technical issues prevented us from recording as much as we would have liked. anyway… enjoy.

thanks everyone for downloading the shows!

here’s this weeks playlist:
Erykah Badu – Healer
Jawbreaker 20 – Boxcar
Thorns of Life – I Hate New York
Silver Sun Pickups – Panic Switch