Technical Difficulties

Mitch McAlister

MARCH 9, 2009
OK last show without the MOTU. I was in LA for 3 weeks so we couldn’t do a new show. This one was recorded with the pinhole mic on my machine. The sound on the version that Dan and I recorded together gets a little choppy and the timing is a bit off, so I have decided to leave that as a seperate download for those of you are are interested to hear what we were talking about anyway.

Full Version with crazy disjointed audio

thanks again for listening,


Songs On This Show
Animal Collective – My Girls
Eef Barxelay – Numerolog
Jay Retard – See Saw
Fukk Offf – Raven Is King

—- Nigerian Guinness Super Challenge —-

which track did you like best this week?

Born Ruffians – Sole Brother
Asa – Jailer